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Apple's plans to dominate the TV market

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Dec 2011 12:28 User comments (11)

Apple's plans to dominate the TV market The WSJ has a full report today out on Apple's plans to dominate the TV market, even after the death of its leader Steve Jobs.
Over the past few weeks, "Apple executives have discussed their vision for the future of TV with media executives at several large companies," reads the report. It also appears that Apple's Eddy Cue is highly involved in the plans.

The Apple television will be able to recognize users across phones, tablets and TVs, and will completely rely on powerful wireless streaming for streaming content of music, movies and TV shows. It seems the TVs will also be able to respond to user's voices and movements (like Siri meets Kinect) sometime in the future, although it seems the first generation of the devices will not include the tech.

One specific of the software used on the future TVs is the fact that streaming content can be watched on the TV then paused and resumed on an iPhone or iPad.

Before he passes, Jobs said that after years of prototypes, the company had "finally cracked" it.

Read the full report here: Apple Plots Its TV Assault

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11 user comments

119.12.2011 00:33

Apple also plans to dominate the world but it's not going to happen.

219.12.2011 00:51

I certainly hope they try to dominate the TV market...if they do attempt it, Google will step in and do it better!

319.12.2011 01:01

I personally think next gen game consoles are going to be your all in one cable boxes, DVRs, etc.

419.12.2011 01:05

Really? I thought the media tv thing was a hobby occurring to the higher ups in apple. Well as usual they'll make record sales.

"Cable thief is a victimless crime."

519.12.2011 03:34

Originally posted by core2kid:
I personally think next gen game consoles are going to be your all in one cable boxes, DVRs, etc.
i doubt it, company are too greedy to even think about merging them all together, they want you to buy them individually for sure

Being nice always has its own consequences

619.12.2011 03:46

I'm sure this will work out so well for them, just as overpriced TVs have for Sony over the years.


719.12.2011 04:46

How did Apple crack anything? Buy any gaming console now and with an add-on except the Wii you can use hand gestures to operate the system, not sure about the PS3? The streaming stuff as well, buy any new TV and it will have most likely a DLNA client and apps for Netflix and the like. Apple would make the worst TV it would be tied to only work with iTunes like there Apple Tv set top, unless you load on XBMC. Now if they could make a TV that could run XBMC and BOXEE along with a browser, I think that right there would be awesome. Apple is just taking all of this and putting it together. I for one will not be buying an Apple TV, I don't even want to know what the sticker price would be.

820.12.2011 16:33

If by dominate they mean have the highest profit, then I believe that will be the truth. If they mean they will have the best product or have the highest sales, then I don't believe it.

923.12.2011 12:29

You guys have such a narrow view of everything.

1023.12.2011 15:49

Originally posted by robertmro:
You guys have such a narrow view of everything.
No more than Apple does...


***\\\//****\\\ ****\\\****

1125.12.2011 19:26

If this happened, they'd probably try to patent volume control :p

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