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Amazon starts rolling out update which breaks root access while boasting millions of sales

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 20 Dec 2011 2:54 User comments (3)

Amazon starts rolling out update which breaks root access while boasting millions of sales Eleven weeks after they first started taking pre-orders for it, Amazon says their Kindle Fire tablet continues to be their biggest seller.
In fact, they say the tablet has been their top selling items since it went on sale back in October. Dave Limp, Vice President of Amazon's Kindle division said of their popular tablet:

Kindle Fire is the most successful product we've ever launched -- it's the bestselling product across all of Amazon for 11 straight weeks, we've already sold millions of units, and we're building millions more to meet the high demand. In fact, demand is accelerating -- Kindle Fire sales increased week over week for each of the past three weeks.

Unfortunately, a significant number of people appear to be unhappy with their new Amazon tablets. Complaints range from inaccurate touchscreen controls to an inability to lock the device.

Amazon is attempting to address these concerns with an update which is being automatically pushed out. Unfortunately, the update appears to cause problems of its own for rooted tablets.

According to posts on the XDADevelopers forum, the update "breaks root" and prevents re-rooting the device. You can avoid this problem buy replacing the stock ROM with a custom ROM like CyanogenMod. Otherwise the update will be applied automatically.

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3 user comments

120.12.2011 03:14

I guess I have to stop recommending it to people until they reroot it...should take all of about a day.

222.12.2011 13:58

Yeah long as I can still sideload I guess I don't care...

325.12.2011 04:58

It would be nice if they would release an update for the DX to give it page numbering.

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