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Licensing disagreement leaves Time Warner cable subscribers without MSG, Knicks

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 01 Jan 2012 9:51 User comments (8)

Licensing disagreement leaves Time Warner cable subscribers without MSG, Knicks

After years of negotiations, MSG has been removed from Time Warner Cable's lineup leaving sports fans in New York without Knicks, Rangers, Sabres, Devils or Islanders games.
The two companies have been fighting over how much MSG should be paid and each have had an ad campaign blasting the other side. MSG was asking for a 53 percent price increase for their sports programming. Both companies continue to negotiate, but for the New Year, cable subscribers are left with nothing but a blacked out channel.

Michael Blair, president of MSG Media, had this to say of the situation: "All we have asked is for Time Warner Cable to value our programming in the same way as other TV providers -nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately, they rejected every offer we made to them for almost two years. In the end, they were simply not interested in conducting serious negotiations on behalf of their customers and instead spent their time grossly mischaracterizing our positions to the public."

MSG is urging consumers to switch cable providers, but unfortunately many in New York City do not have any other options. If you are not in an area with Cablevision or Verizon FioS, Time Warner has a complete monopoly.

Time Warner, for its part, says 40 percent of the remaining Knicks' games this season will still be available as they are on channels like ESPN, TNT or YES. Hockey fans are less lucky as Time Warner says it can only provide 30 percent of the remaining Ranger's games, and less than 20 percent of other teams. Time Warner will give subscribers a free month of the Time Warner Cable Sports Pass, which provides access to more than 15 sports channels and free access to NBA League Pass.

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8 user comments

11.1.2012 22:05

Meh, I heard that MSG is bad for ya anyway. *snicker*

22.1.2012 12:02

I used to have Time Warner where I live in the midwest. Good service, but prices just kept going up and up. I think they need to be careful, they still don't have NFL Network either. Less options for more money is never a good business model.

32.1.2012 12:51

MSG is greedy. First Dish and now TW. I left TW for not having the NFL network, and now this happens. It is going to be a hard sell.

42.1.2012 19:18

More of the big shots trying to stiff the little person, ie, the paying customer for more $$.

53.1.2012 14:02

One of the big reasons your cable bills go up is because these channels keep asking for more and more money. It's good to see the cable companies fight back. Did you see that price increase? 53%? Time Warner is right to fight back.

63.1.2012 14:23

Originally posted by hikaricor:
Meh, I heard that MSG is bad for ya anyway. *snicker*
Fox tried to pull a similar thing on DTV. Fox and DTV resolved there $$ issues.

I received email yesterday from DTV stating although their cost for this year increased 10%. customer billing will only go up 4%.

The amount paid for cable and satellite services is as much as filling my refrigerator and freezer full of food. :(


75.1.2012 14:37

TW seems to be the only provider standing by consumers rights.... for a big business, they aren't bad for protecting this stuff. Their prices for internet here in Wisconsin, are a bit high, but for 30Mbps (yes 30, that I actually get when downloading from a site that has that much bandwidth) their value is hard to beat. I just wish I could use XBOX Live and TNT with their service. but TW seems to be the only on there that isn't leaving most people to piracy.

86.1.2012 02:49

TW is so full of shit...its coming out of their ears. They are not fighting for the consumers...if they paid MSG more then they would either have to charge the consumers more( which they don't have a problem doing...ALL THE TIME, ANYWAYS) or take a hit in their own wallets( THEY WILL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN!!!) All this talk of TW accually standing up for its customers is a load of shit....customers have been shouting for years that they want the NFL network, but TW can't seem to make it work. They are just a bunch of cheap assholes who have a monopoly in most areas they cover. I for one would love to switch from them if there was an alterative.

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