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Report: Google preparing to disrupt the cloud storage market

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 09 Feb 2012 12:29 User comments (2)

Report: Google preparing to disrupt the cloud storage market Dropbox better hope the report is not accurate.
The WSJ is reporting today that Google is preparing a cloud-drive competitor that will be launched in the coming months.

Such a service would directly compete with Dropbox, BitCasa, Amazon CloudDrive and others that offer cloud storage and syncing capabilities for a price. For example, Dropbox offers the first 2GB free (with ability to get more for free) but then charges $10 for 50GB, or double that for 100GB.

If accurate, the report says Google's service will be free for all Google users, unless they require "a large amount of storage."

The so-called "G-Drive" has been rumored for years, but Google shut down the project in 2008.

There were little other details about the purported service, but it is expected to work exactly like its competitors, although with a little Google "twist."

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2 user comments

19.2.2012 14:01

humm, Google have been getting rid of many projects from memory they have gotten rid of 90% of their lab projects to save some money and get things sorted.

If they have gotten rid of this I don't know if they would bring it up again.

29.2.2012 17:39

If this is a project that Google resurrected then maybe they'll do me (and many others) a big favor and bring back the Google Sidebar. I don't know WTF they discontinued it in the first place. It was the only sidebar that was cross-compatible between, Windows, Mac & Linux. Sorry for my rant.

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