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DataWind has only shipped 10,000 of over 1 million Aakash tablet orders

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 22 Feb 2012 8:42 User comments (4)

DataWind has only shipped 10,000 of over 1 million Aakash tablet orders India's $35 subsidized Aakash tablet has run into issues.
The tablet has a 7-inch resistive display, runs on Android 2.2, has a 366 MHz processor, 256MB RAM, 2GB internal storage, Wi-Fi, USB slots, SD slot and a tiny 2100 mAh battery and sells for just $35 because the Indian government subsidizes the price of the tablet.

Aakash was created to help "students in higher education and to give them the technological skills" that are needed for 2012. Additionally, only 10 percent of the Indian population is connected to the Internet.

In its first two weeks of availability, the building company, DataWind, took 1.4 million orders, but has so far only shipped 10,000, angering the Indian Human Resource Development Ministry, who is now re-opening the contract to other bidders as partners to built the tablet. The British manufacturer will complete the pilot program, with 100,000 tablets, but will likely lose out on the second part of the contract, to ship 1 million units.

Users have also complained of overall sluggishness, including lag, short battery life and an almost unusable resistive touchscreen.

DataWind says there are other factors in play, including the ministry wanting the device to meet U.S. military durability requirements, without a price increase: "Among other things that requires the device to take 4 inches an hour of sustained rain. We objected to it and the project has been on hold since then, we are working with the ministry to get that resolved."

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4 user comments

122.2.2012 21:53

What did these users expect from a tablet that's internal specs rival the iPhone 3G, while running software that didn't have tablet support in mind.

"Cable thief is a victimless crime."

223.2.2012 12:04
Unverified new user

we cannot criticise the company for the specs as these were decided by the govt which required a basic computing device at a price point below $50. the govt has not paiddatawind for the tablets supplied due to which there has been a delay in supply of the remaining tablets.

323.2.2012 16:37

maybe i could be wrong but in Brazil i saw an android tablet 7" with 800mHz processor same everything else for about $60 dollars (100 reais)

425.2.2012 08:48

366 MHZ processor??? Thats pretty slow by todays standard. No wonder it lagged or having problems!! processors today should be no less than 800 Mhz!! I would never bye this!!!

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