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Rapidshare: 404 errors for free users are being resolved

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Feb 2012 5:49 User comments (4)

Rapidshare: 404 errors for free users are being resolved Yesterday, Rapidshare confirmed it is throttling the download speed "free users" of its service receive in an effort to reduce piracy.
Today, free users of the site began complaining that instead of slow speeds, they were instead seeing 404 error screens, blocking them from downloading anything.

Users with premium accounts were having no issues.

Rapidshare has responded (via Freak), chalking the errors up to a mistake: "This error is due to a website update and therefore not intentional. RapidShare is working on a solution so that these "false" links should work again soon."

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4 user comments

126.2.2012 08:20

I think it's time to boycott rapidshare and let them know the hard way. they will see the dwindling users and as such will change their tune accordingly.

226.2.2012 12:39

Is that 'love' or 'bullshit' i just stepped in? I'm having trouble discerning between the two in my old age...

326.2.2012 17:50

Rapidshare is a cash whore....They are just milking to the maximum the opportunity created by the closing of the other major cyberclockers. They're full of bullsh!#t and they carry a smell...the smell of a scumbag.

428.2.2012 06:31

An effort to reduce piracy by throttling speeds?

R they admitting to piracy then????


From "V"


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