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Android Market app download limit moved to 4GB

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 05 Mar 2012 10:38 User comments (6)

Android Market app download limit moved to 4GB Google has confirmed today that direct downloads from the Android Market are now capped at 4GB, compared to the previous 50MB for APK files.
The extra resources are allowed to be up to 2GB, in two files, for a total of 4GB. Developers can now have users download (for the most part) the full app, instead of just downloading an APK from the Market, and then downloading all the additional game files after installation.

This move is big news for games, a lot of which require over 500MB of game files. In the market, Android owners can also now see the real size of the application before downloading, and adjust accordingly.

Perhaps most notably, the 15-minute "refund period" for Android apps/games will now actually be effective, since it will start after the full app is downloaded, not after the APK is. Many users have complained over the years that they did not get ample time to even download and install the game before the refund period was over due to the 2-part download process.

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6 user comments

16.3.2012 16:47

wow cool nice one

26.3.2012 21:57

I think this is a good move, in the right direction.

Connection reset by phear...

37.3.2012 18:21

Need to download new app????

48.4.2012 23:24
Unverified new user

I am recovering from Bill shock on my new HTS Incredible S, see my post under Mobile Phones - HTC bill shock at bc.whirlpool.

Does anyone know of an Android app that will limit video streaming file size to say 50Kb or disable the feature on my HTC. Regards, Keith

530.7.2012 02:00
Unverified new user

Originally posted by lisavh:
Need to download new app????

626.9.2012 08:41

I gave up on Android last year and bought an iPhone 4s not because of the App-Size limit, but because I could not get much more than 20 Apps squeezed into the stupid in-phone memory (even after moving what I could to SD)!!
I'm desperate to get back to Android! Apple is doing my head in with its potty file and "iCloud" policies. Don't get me wrong, the 4s is a great phone, I just would like to use a phone my way, not Apple's.
If this App storage limit goes (is gone?), then I'm looking for a new Samsung asap.

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