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Microsoft allowing you to swap old smartphones for brand new WP7 device

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Mar 2012 18:40 User comments (8)

Microsoft allowing you to swap old smartphones for brand new WP7 device Microsoft's "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign is allowing smartphone owners near Microsoft retail stores to trade in any old smartphone (that is activated) for a brand new Windows Phone 7.5 device.
The promotion is completely free, the only issue is you must walk into an actual retail store, and there aren't too many, especially not on the east coast.

Additionally, the Nokia Lumia 800 is excluded from the deal.

How it works (instructions via SD):

1) Get an old smartphone (you may already own one); Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, PalmOS, WebOS, Symbian
2) Get it activated somehow (although not every store checks, some do, so you'll want to make sure it has phone and data on it when you go into the store).
3) Go to your local B&M Microsoft Store and tell them you want to take the "Windows Phone Challenge."
4) Lose the contest.
5) Fill out recycling paperwork.
6) Give them your old smartphone (make sure you format it beforehand as you don't get to keep your old phone).
7) Walk away with a brand new Windows Phone with no contract attached.

The phone you bring in can be from any carrier, including regionals like Virgin.

Phones available to be traded in for are the HTC Titan and Samsung Focus S on AT&T, the HTC Radar and Nokia 710 on T-Mobile and the HTC Trophy on Verizon.

Microsoft has a retail store locator here (mainly on west coast): Microsoft Stores

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8 user comments

126.3.2012 20:20 we just need to figure a good way to install Android on these devices and we will have free upgrades for ancient androids!

226.3.2012 20:59

That's how they sucker you in......

326.3.2012 21:04

I wish I lived near a store..have my mom's old Palm Pixi laying around collecting dust...would love to have a Titan instead.

426.3.2012 21:29

I think I have an old blackberry with a B&W screen...but a new Windows phone isn't worth the cost of activating.

627.3.2012 8:14

yeh only applicable to US region...NOT another place on the planet


727.3.2012 9:39

Originally posted by xbkrypt0n:

Think that says it all.
LoL...displaying weather widgets...a true test of any device! How about we both start Angry Birds Space and see who wins...let's see, it took my old Android 10 seconds...and they haven't released it for Windoze phone, so the counter will be at least a few months, if not infinite.

815.4.2012 20:20

FWIW I tried this today and had no luck, they instead offered me a 1 in 500 chance of winning a 20$ gift card >.<

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