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Lumia 900 sells out in AT&T online store

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Apr 2012 1:54 User comments (4)

Lumia 900 sells out in AT&T online store AT&T's online store is listing both versions of the Windows Phone device as sold out.
The carrier noted last week that sales of the device were blowing away expectations and it seems he telling the truth.

Amazon also has the cyan version back-ordered, although they do have stock of the black model. Calls to AT&T brick-and-mortar stores revealed most are sold out in-store, as well.

It is unclear whether the news is good or bad for Microsoft and Nokia. If the sell out is due to large demand then certainly the companies will be excited by the prospects. However, if the sell out is a supply-side issue, there may be more problems we do not know about.

There was an early software glitch that affected handsets trying to access the Internet and AT&T has admitted that many affected users simply returned their devices, which would also have an affect on current inventory.

Nokia has since issued a fix for the glitch.

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4 user comments

116.4.2012 14:50

Considering it is essentially the only half-decent WinMo phone, it is not too amazing that they sold out of a small inventory. After all, the last big microsoft phone release sold under a thousand units worldwide, so they probably didn't have a huge production run for this one.

216.4.2012 15:04

I hope they do well. I don't want my choice to be iPhone or $299 4G android super phone. Hopefully this phone will be successful and bring those prices down.

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316.4.2012 19:06

I love the windows phone OS, I got a titan II for free from the microsoft store and I think I'll probably use it more than my android phone

416.4.2012 19:06

I grabbed this from AT&T for free. (They gave me a $100 credit to my account). And the phone is amazing, I'm completely loving it.

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