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Microsoft starts Windows 8 promo for new Windows 7 PC buyers

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 15 May 2012 10:34 User comments (3)

Microsoft starts Windows 8 promo for new Windows 7 PC buyers

Microsoft will begin a promotion in June to reward late Windows 7 PC buyers.
The promotion, which will begin June 2nd, will allow any buyer of a new Windows 7-based PC to upgrade to the upcoming Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99. The normal price is expected to be upward of $79 for an upgrade copy when the operating system hits in October or November.

As in past years, the promotion makes sense since consumers (unless they are desperate) are usually willing to wait a few months to upgrade or purchase a new PC if they now a new operating system is coming.

This promotion however, is slightly different as any kind of Windows 7 will be upgradeable to the Pro version of Windows 8, which is the higher-end and more expensive version of the OS.

The deal is valid until January 31st of next year.

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3 user comments

116.5.2012 13:36

Eh I'll think long and hard before I switch to windows 8. I just can't imagine MS has the talent or desire to move away from their good/bad/good/bad habit of releasing operating systems. By my count Win7 is good so that makes it a very good possibility Win8 is going to SUCK...

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Just my $0.02,


216.5.2012 14:16

Windows 8 is designed for touch screens. Don't bother with it unless u have one. I played with the public beta for a little while!

316.5.2012 15:19

I'll probably end up skipping 8 like I did with Vista.

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