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Report: Sony has been developing the PS4 for two years

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 03 Jul 2012 8:16 User comments (5)

Report: Sony has been developing the PS4 for two years According to the LinkedIn resume of SCEA's ex-R&D director, the PS4 has been in development since 2010.
Attila Vass, who was director from 1998 until earlier this year, has in his resume that that he began developing the graphics library and security on the "Next Generation PlayStation" in August 2010.

The PlayStation Vita is listed separately, so that implies that Vass is speaking about the PS4 and not anything else.

Reads the profile (via Videogamer): "In 1998 I started as the first engineer in the Playstation US R&D. I worked on graphics ( COLLADA, PSGL ) and a lot of network related technologies ( advertising, telemetry, PVRs ) for the Playstation2-x, PSP, Vita and Next Generation platforms. Platform security was occupying most of my time at the last years... "

The PS4 is expected to launch for the holidays next year.

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5 user comments

13.7.2012 20:19

wow great!

24.7.2012 06:04

"Developing" is a relative term. They've been planning it since 2008, but there may not have been any near final design specs until 2010 or so.

34.7.2012 07:23

I do not know how this article could actually surprise anyone.

Due to copyright issues I am sorry to say I am no longer Batman : (

44.7.2012 11:47

You mean that consoles and other technology go through a development phase that sometimes takes years? Holy Crap this is the most exciting news... said no one ever.

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" ~ Roy Trenneman

54.7.2012 14:09

Keep a look out for it's specs in the next two months then closely followed a picture of what it will look like,sound familiar well at least when thats done we can all get some sleep

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