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HADOPI only ever got to 'three strikes' under 400 times

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 07 Sep 2012 8:08 User comments (3)

HADOPI only ever got to 'three strikes' under 400 times HADOPI, the French anti-piracy agency in charge of sending out warning letters and eventually kicking pirates off the Internet for 'three strikes,' did very little of either during the last two years.
According to new data, rightsholders identified over 3 million IP addresses that should be sent 'first strike' warning letters while HADOPI narrowed that down to 1.1 million. 9 percent of those received a second warning while just 0.34 percent ever got to the "third strike" stage. Laughably, 0.0012 percent were referred to the courts.

Despite being a three strike system, the under 400 citizens who got to that point never lost their Internet. Apparently, if you do not get caught during the 12 months following your third strike, the file is not forwarded to prosecutors.

14 citizens were sent to prosecutors, but that was because they refused to respond to any warnings

Somehow, HADOPI was proud of the results.

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3 user comments

18.9.2012 15:28

Somehow, HADOPI was proud of the results.


28.9.2012 16:49

Maybe they ran out of stamps so they couldn't send out any more.

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39.9.2012 16:19

I suppose I shouldn't talk, but my ISP rang my bell here a 'second time' whining about "Mr Russ, you're an asshole downloader & should be put in jail for stealing software that doesn't belong to you even though we can't prove it!!!"

Which, fine, good luck if there ever is a 3rd strike (despite there was a year between supposed offenses - what the hell is the statute of limitations?), but like this HADOPI, their just passing the buck. Maybe they get a finders fee or something?

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