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The new GTA V trailer is here with train crashes, dogfights and expensive cars

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 14 Nov 2012 2:45 User comments (8)

The new GTA V trailer is here with train crashes, dogfights and expensive cars As promised, Rockstar Games has released the new GTA V trailer today, including some intense action sequences.
The game, which follows the story line of three main protagonists, is said to have a world two times bigger than Liberty City and San Andreas combined.

In the trailer you get a small look into the story as well as the new vehicles including dirtbike races and fighter jets dogfights. Additionally, you see train crashes, highway chases and Lamborghinis.

The game is set for release in the spring of next year in the U.S.

Check the trailer here:

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8 user comments

114.11.2012 17:27

Can't Wait!!!

214.11.2012 18:42

Rockstar never let me down looks brilliant.

314.11.2012 19:08

watched this on their fb damn cant wait!

414.11.2012 19:11

As long as it becomes a toy after I'm finished with the game I'll be ecstatic.

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515.11.2012 02:30

I just wish they wouldn't have screwed over PC users! I wish they would release a PC version at launch.

616.11.2012 04:08

Looks awesome I want I want :)

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716.11.2012 14:21

hope its better than the last. How many times must we complete "Chase" missions?

816.11.2012 14:37

Stevie Wonder?
Looks good who is going to be the star in this game?

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