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Apple denied injunction on Samsung products

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 18 Dec 2012 12:11 User comments (6)

Apple denied injunction on Samsung products In what is huge news for both companies, Apple has been denied in their request for a permanent sales injunction on Samsung products.
Apple had tried to get sales banned in the U.S. for 26 Samsung products including many popular Galaxy phones and tablets after winning a patent verdict in August against the company.

Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Apple has not established the case for a permanent injunction on Samsung's products because they were not able to prove that the "infringing features were what were directly driving consumer demand for the accused product."

Additionally, "neither statements about broad categories, nor evidence of copying, nor the conjoint survey provides sufficiently strong evidence of causation. Without a causal nexus, this Court cannot conclude that the irreparable harm supports entry of an injunction."

Samsung owes Apple $1.049 billion for the patent infringements.

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6 user comments

118.12.2012 02:50

Ha ha HA! F U Apple and your stupid politics. What happens when you take a bit of an Apple! it goes brown and mouldy, just like the results of Apple's Glutony.

ZX Spectrum 128K

218.12.2012 23:37

A very good ruling indeed.

320.12.2012 13:16

Poor Apple :(

Forza Juve!!

422.12.2012 07:18

No matter what I would never buy an apple product....they are only suing Samsung as they are their closest rivals. Apple products are over priced!!

522.12.2012 10:52

Samsung has nothing to worry about any money they have to pay will be recouped 2 folds over with the 64gb flash they sell to apple for the 128 gb iphone 5s

624.12.2012 20:10

I just bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but not because it had Apple-ish features -- I bought it because it's NOT Apple.

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