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Microsoft announces it has sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 13 Jan 2013 23:10 User comments (16)

Microsoft announces it has sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses Microsoft has announced this week that their latest, Windows 8, has reached 60 million licenses sold.
Windows Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer Tami Reller made the announcement, explaining that the figure includes both upgrades and sales to OEMs for new purchases.

Perhaps more importantly, the company adds: "This is a similar sales trajectory that we saw with Windows 7."

Additionally, Reller noted: "We have seen a significant increase in the number of Windows 8 certified systems since general availability at the end of October. There are now more than 1,700 certified systems for Windows 8 and Windows RT."

On the Windows 8 app side, the company says the amount of available apps is up 400 percent since launch and there have been 100 million apps downloaded, to date.

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16 user comments

114.1.2013 0:04

59 Million copies went to the DOD lol

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214.1.2013 1:31

I remember my statistics teachers words right now. "Statistics never lie, by liars use statistics!" The seems so true right here... m1cr0$ft I would argue is in a world of hurt right now. For example the article where Fujitus ssys Win8 SUCKS:
Not that it OK with some minor issue, no they say demand is not good. Other companies are saying it too.

The fact is there is no compelling reason to use Win8 except throw good money away to get a crap operating system. An 60 million licenses, sure with there was a little more truth in the disclosure. Specifically how many copies were purchased by M$ themselves, or given away, for forced onto computers through De11 and like PC manufactures...

314.1.2013 2:18

Impressive that a company built on its operating systems has such a tiny slice of the pie.

414.1.2013 10:13
Unverified new user

1,700 certified devices means consumers have a choice in device, from tablets and convertibles to the ultra cheap laptop/netbook, to a powerhouse tower or laptop that puts any apple PC to shame.

514.1.2013 13:13

And how many have since removed the OS and gone back to Windows 7 or other.Sorry but it is sh%t$.
Vista disaster all over again !!!!.

614.1.2013 14:59
Unverified new user

I too gone back to Windows 7

714.1.2013 15:35

I bought Win 8 Pro upgrade only because it was $30 after rebate. It's been sitting in its box for 3 months, no urge to upgrade from Win 7.

814.1.2013 16:39

Its much worse than Vista and it will see the end of Balmer. It took two minutes to hate win 8 and I can still live with Vista.

914.1.2013 17:44

Originally posted by Frogfart:
Its much worse than Vista and it will see the end of Balmer. It took two minutes to hate win 8 and I can still live with Vista.
I can't agree more, while Vista from the first time I saw it seemed like as big piece of crap.

Is it just me but i'm having a hard time seeing where Balmer had been beneficial for M$, or driven the company forward in a positive manor. Weren't V1$ta, W1ndow$ phone and most of the latest offerings that promise great success which either flop, or have minimal effect all been under Balmer. I think it is time for new direction and leadership.

1015.1.2013 0:24

Vister is far worse with acouple free apps I got the start menu and gadgets back. WIn8 runs smoother and faster than win7 and has better recovery and search implementations. It takes some work but its better than win7, out of the box its not tho you have to make it better.

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1115.1.2013 0:40

They can sell another 60 million for all I care.I won't be one of the people purchasing it.

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1215.1.2013 6:32

my dad is in his 60s and recently got a laptop with windows 8.hes not a computer genius hes an average computer user.he said windows xp worked great was dead easy and user friendly,he said windows 7 took a bit of getting use to but is very usable.he said windows 8 is a nightmare.

i currently use windows 7 and see no great reason to upgrade.

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1316.1.2013 2:41

wow,a whole 60 million world wide.look out vista here comes 8.

1418.1.2013 9:19

I have to admit, Windows 8 is and feels faster than windows 7. However, that is about as far as I can go giving out complements on Windows 8. The corner hotspots, charm bars, and inability to boot directly to the desktop are where the majority of my complaints are at. I have complained as vehemently as everyone else until I got a copy of the open source application "Classic Start". Classic Start, in my opinion, adds the options that Microsoft left out of Windows 8 and has actually made it a pretty nice operating system. I still don't like the active tiles consuming my bandwidth updating junk I could care less about (Yes, I have turned off the active tile functions) and I don't like having to go to the upper left corner to find the active apps to close them (leaving them open consumes processor resource and memory). Last but not least, I do not like having to support the space required for the surface (Metro Interface) when I do the majority of my computing from the desktop. It may be cheaper to try to support multiple products with a single operating system, but I believe you will end up with a mediocre product in the long run.

1518.1.2013 12:54

Originally posted by wiimatrix:
And how many have since removed the OS and gone back to Windows 7 or other.Sorry but it is sh%t$.
Vista disaster all over again !!!!.
We don't know. But since you brought the subject, why don't you enlighten us????

1618.1.2013 15:41

And how many of those 60 million were people voluntarily wanting or specifically asking for wanting Win8?
Just because there are more certified systems does not mean better. All it means is OEMs are making more and newer models. Now add phones and tablets.
Come on M$ some people in our society are not that stupid to believe this crud.
You did wrong with Win8, you know but you just wont admit it.

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