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Yahoo will kill off at least 8 older products

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Mar 2013 13:24 User comments (5)

Yahoo will kill off at least 8 older products Yahoo has announced it will be retiring a number of products as CEO Marissa Mayer moves to streamline the company.
Most of the products being axed are related to their old school online presence.

The full list:

Yahoo! Message Boards website
Yahoo! app for BlackBerry
Yahoo! Avatars
Yahoo! Updates API
Yahoo! Sports IQ
Yahoo! App Search
Yahoo! Clues (beta)
Yahoo! Updates API

The company is looking to continue updating products that are a "daily habit that still resonates" including fantasy sports, Yahoo Mail and Flickr.

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5 user comments

13.3.2013 16:02

goodbye yahoo because it wouldn't be bad except what about the phones and tablets that came with all of these items on them whoops guess you fail to mention that oh well goodbye to you then

23.3.2013 17:04

The only thing I use from yahoo is the eMail. That's it.

Live Free or Die.
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34.3.2013 1:32
Unverified new user

Don't care only thing i use yahoo for is their free email that's it their news sucks !!

44.3.2013 5:14

Even Yahoogroups was replaced by Deviant Art lol :)

54.3.2013 11:44

Yahoo is solid for email, fantasy sports and a few other niche items. Avatars and any 360/social media type ripoffs should be canned. It's all a waste.

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