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Sony slashes prices of 3G PS Vita in U.S. stores

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Mar 2013 1:11 User comments (8)

Sony slashes prices of 3G PS Vita in U.S. stores According to Joystiq, Sony stores across the U.S. have slashed the price of the PS Vita 3G model.
The stores are selling the console for $199.97, a full $100 cheaper than its retail price.

3G bundles include the console, an 8GB memory card and also a voucher for a free PSN game, as long as you sign up for the actual data plan.

Employees confirmed the price drop is permanent as the model is being discontinued.

Online, the console is still selling for $249 with the bundle.

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8 user comments

112.3.2013 5:08

$250 -> $200 is only $50, not $100. Unless the online price was reduced $50, and it was originally $300.

212.3.2013 5:43

Originally posted by bigwil450:
$250 -> $200 is only $50, not $100. Unless the online price was reduced $50, and it was originally $300.
If I am correct, the 3G models where priced at $299.

312.3.2013 9:29

and the 3g data service only 50.00 a month

412.3.2013 10:20

I'll be picking one up this week at that price point. I recently had a break in and mine was stolen. :(

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512.3.2013 10:43

the vita is a waste ,worthless hardware they should of never released .sony just needs to stop trying to release on my iphone are better then vita.and 50 bucks a month for data plan ...haha

612.3.2013 12:48

not so much that the vita is a waste, and i promise no game on your phone is as awesome as uncharted on vita. The system is great they just killed it with greed by going anti-consumer and having to buy sony specific proprietary memory at a retardedly high price, instead of letting it run on regular Micro SD cards.

I'm not paying $100 for 8gb from sony when i can get 64gb Micro SDHC anywhere for $50. THIS is the main reason the system has failed to sell. everything else on paper is a home run.

712.3.2013 19:47

yep when u HAVE TO buy from them, when the EXACT same thing is cheaper, it will fail. i never bought one and i am not gonna. I had a PSP and that was MUCH better than the psvita. atleast i could use ANY sdcard with it, and not one from sony.

and yea $50.00 for a data plan!!!! i dont even pay that for my phones data!! thank god the psvita is done for.

now if nintendo makes another gameboy im in lol. no not the stupid DS thats junk. I hate the stylus lol.

815.3.2013 12:09

Can you VOIP with the thing?

Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

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