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Netflix unveils new $12 streaming plan for larger families

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Apr 2013 23:34 User comments (5)

Netflix unveils new $12 streaming plan for larger families As current Netflix subscribers know, you can simultaneously stream two videos from different devices, allowing couples and families to keep just one account.
Netflix also knows that plenty of people share accounts.

In an effort to combat this and also appeal to larger families that may have more than two people using the service at one time, the company has unveiled a new plan that will allow up to 4 simultaneous streams.

Says CEO Reed Hastings: "A few members with large families run into our 2-simultaneous-stream limit. To best serve these members, we're shortly adding a 4-stream plan, at $11.99 in the U.S."

Hastings notes that he only expects 1 percent of the current subscriber base to use the new plan.

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5 user comments

123.4.2013 0:09

I hope this means that they'll be adding better content. Wait, what am I thinking, this is Netflix.

223.4.2013 9:07

Obtaining better content isn't as simple as saying we want this on our network, so we'll air it today. There are huge fee's due out to a large number of people/businesses just to obtain 1 show, let alone the amount they have. New releases broadcast over the air don't want to support netflix knowing they risk losing their revenue from multiple sources, revenue that quite frankly would never be obtain by airing on Netflix alone. So honestly it's not entirely Netflix fault, it's very challenging for them to get new content.

323.4.2013 12:35

It was their level of content. The fact that they were losing content. And then they wanted to charge separately for streaming when it was included in the deal together before with the disc package.

That is why I dropped their streaming service at that time (the disc deal is not bad though).

427.4.2013 19:17

That is why I dropped them too, but it still falls back to what Mysttic says, the Studio's and Communication companies are the ones pulling the strings and charging more or delaying releases to Netflix so others can capitalize first. Let's face it the communications companies have got way too much power and we the consumers unfortunately support that. People need to drop them, and give up their smart phones in order to curve this gouging, but we know that isn't going to happen soon.

529.4.2013 9:06

I was in Costa Rica back in January and access my Netflix account, they have more & newer titles in latin America than US.

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