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LG promises smartphone with flexible OLED for this year

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Apr 2013 10:07 User comments (4)

LG promises smartphone with flexible OLED for this year

LG made an interesting statement today during their quarterly earnings report.
The company says it will introduce a smartphone using a flexible OLED screen by the end of the year, likely making it the first phone maker to do so.

Yoon Bu-hyun, the VP of mobile says his division is working very closely with LG Display to bring the phone to shelves by the Q4.

It is unclear how the screen will be used, but most expect a "wraparound" display, something similar to Samsung's prototype at CES (pictured). A wrap device will offer more viewable space and better viewing angles.

LG also promised curved OLED TVs last week.

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4 user comments

126.4.2013 11:54

I don't know about viewing angles. Wouldn't the screen have to be rotated to see the sides? Moving or tilting the device to see all the angles would be a step in reverse....

226.4.2013 16:00


LG = Lucky Goldstar

Garbage......for the most part.

326.4.2013 17:03

Originally posted by hearme0:

LG = Lucky Goldstar

Garbage......for the most part.
Hey I had a Goldstar TV/VCR combo back in the early 90s and it was a beast. Must have lasted through 3 moves, 2 college dorms, and so much smoke it's a wonder it didn't get cancer. Now granted after a few years the speakers went bad and the picture took 3~4 minutes to really come into focus. But I've never seen another with the ability to modify each channels tuner signal to any frequency thanks to analog knobs it had for some unknown reason. It actually could pick up some very odd stations and signals when me or the roommates got bored.

427.4.2013 06:23

Could you wrap it around your wrist and then unroll it flat when it rings... like those kids wristbands that snap into shape?

Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

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