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AT&T launching 'All In One' prepaid brand

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 May 2013 10:27 User comments (7)

AT&T launching 'All In One' prepaid brand AT&T Mobility is preparing to launch a new prepaid brand dubbed "All In One" starting on June 15.
At the heart of the brand is a $50 per month smartphone plan and a $35 per month subscription for feature phones.

The plans are expected to include unlimited text and talk and 100MB data for feature phones and unlimited text, talk and 2GB of HSPA+ data for smartphones. Additionally, there may also be a $70 plan that includes 5GB of data, aimed at bigger data hogs.

AT&T will test the brand in Florida and Texas this month as a pilot before the full launch next month.

Rivals like Verizon have recently unveiled prepaid plans, and T-Mobile USA dropped subsidies altogether for new cheaper unlimited plans.

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7 user comments

15.5.2013 10:31

"Oh, gee, I can pay just about as much as my old Sprint plan with unlimited data for 5GB of data...Squee! I LOVE being ripped off!"


25.5.2013 11:04

Funny thing is that I dropped AT&T for a Boost mobile plan two years ago. $40/month, unlimited EVERYTHING. I have great coverage in my area, and have converted many happy friends over to the prepaid dark side since then.

35.5.2013 12:20

Yea were with att 3 phones,

been with them for 6 years, now just waiting for our contract do be up, and were moving to sprint.

the kid keeps going over each month and for what we pay now, we can get more with sprint for less.
so yea,

Good Bye at&t.

really 100MB that would take me 5 minutes to go through.
im really suprised att is still in the top. yes they have awsome coverage... But sprint around here does also. so yes i go with the cheaper.

45.5.2013 12:30

To everyone talking about may be unlimited but the speeds are horrendous.

55.5.2013 12:40

Originally posted by DVDBack23:
To everyone talking about may be unlimited but the speeds are horrendous.

My wife is on an AT&T famliy plan with her mom, and my coverage and d/l speeds are equal to hers. (Boost uses Sprint towers, IIRC) Of course, we live in a rural area with no 4G coverage. -But I don't drop calls I don't have to worry about burning through GB watching streaming media.

65.5.2013 13:14

MetroPCS 4G unlimited everything Talk Text and Data $50 dollar plan- includes all taxes and fees too...bill is exactly $50 dollars... - the att/t-mobile/boost/cricket/ and all the rest say the plan is x dollars- but they charge fees and taxes....too so add another 15 dollars to the bill...

MetroPCS- $50 dollar 4G plan- and thats what the entire bill is...
I paid 3 phones on Sprint $345.00.... on Metro PCS- after i dumped Sprint I pay $200.00 for 4 Phones! All have 4G and unlimited everything...that $200 includes all taxes and fees!

Metro PCS - doesnt subsidize phone you purchase the phone outright...I paid $99 dollars for ZTE Avid 4G 4" screen dual 1.5gig processors... 2gigs internal microsd card slot, removable battery... wifi hotspot.... rooted it has flash web and custom roms...

Better than iPhone 5.

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75.5.2013 20:24

Looks like AT&T is feeling the pressure from T-Mobile to offer these plans. They look squarely aimed at T-Mobile's "Monthly 4G" prepaid options but with lower data allotments. 100MB and 5GB instead of 500MB and Unlimited data.

Now my questions are:
Are speeds simply throttled after going over the limit like T-Mobile or will there be overage charges?

Will AT&T allow ANY of their phones to use these plans like T-Mobile does or will they restrict certain phones like the iPhone from using them?

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