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Google demands YouTube app be removed from Windows Phone Store

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 May 2013 22:42 User comments (5)

Google demands YouTube app be removed from Windows Phone Store Google has written a cease and desist letter to Microsoft, demanding that it remove an updates YouTube app for the Windows Phone operating systems.
Microsoft recently released an updated YouTube app for Windows Phone that raised some eyebrows as it clearly seemed to violate the terms and conditions of the YouTube API. At the center of Google's anger is the deliberate blocking out of ads by the app.

"Unfortunately, by blocking advertising and allowing downloads of videos, your application cuts off a valuable ongoing revenue source for creators, and causes harm to the thriving content ecosystem on YouTube," Google wrote to Todd Brix, Senior Director of Windows Phone Apps Team.

Another noted issue with the updated app since it was released is its apparent ability to download YouTube videos locally, making them available to other apps on the system.

Google is demanding that Microsoft remove the updated YouTube app from the Windows Phone Store and "disable existing downloads of the application," by May 22.

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5 user comments

116.5.2013 14:33

"disable existing downloads of the application," by May 22.

Oh this might get interesting.
Microsoft may have to uninstall or delete content from users phones without their consent and that would be hilarious. Even more so if google forces them to turn over all records of IPs that have already downloaded copyrighted content.

And I'm no lawyer but Microsoft would probably have to take full responsibility for any lawsuits or customers hurt feelings. It's sad to see google be a dick like this. But the fact that PC users have been able to do all these things for years and google knows they can't do anything to stop it might be some form of payback.

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217.5.2013 9:50

Put the code out there for free for everybody.

317.5.2013 11:06

Again Google vs Microsoft or Microsoft vs Google.

Are all YouTube apps have been developed by other developers should be removed as well?

417.5.2013 11:14

I'm actually rooting for Microsoft on this one even though they should lose the case based on this article.

517.5.2013 22:26

Google can't allow Microsoft to provide Windows Phone users a capability that would never be allowed on the Google Play Store for Android phones.

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