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Samsung: Some Galaxy S4 have Wi-Fi connection issues with D-Link routers

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 May 2013 10:19 User comments (6)

Samsung: Some Galaxy S4 have Wi-Fi connection issues with D-Link routers

Samsung has confirmed that some of its Galaxy S4 handsets have issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks that use certain D-Link routers.
"This is a problem caused by firmware stored on a specific access point in D-Link routers. Customers should update their firmware to the latest version or reboot the access point," said a Samsung spokeswoman.

The most often affected routers are the D-Link model DIR-655 and DIR-855 routers but there are a few others, as well. The issue is not region specific, as all users are affected.

Some users were able to get around the bug by changing the cypher type to TKIP, but that has also had adverse affects on other devices within their networks.

D-Link was quick to issue a statement as they search for a permanent solution: "Recently, a limited number of customers have reported connection issues between their D-Link wireless router, including the DIR-855 and DIR-655, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 handset. Problems include intermittent disconnection from the wireless network, especially while browsing YouTube. Other devices continue to function normally. The problem has also been reported with wireless routers from other manufacturers. D-Link is actively researching this issue now to determine the cause."

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6 user comments

119.5.2013 21:58

I don't know about d-link but here I have an Asus router and I experienced an issue on my s4. The wifi would connect fine but every minute or so the phone would reconnect with the message popup. This caused anything I was doing to timeout. I tried changing the router's security to wpa tkip, but that only worked on 5ghz and limited the range. Then, nothing I did would keep a connection. Finally I reset the router and now it stays connected on 2.4ghz wpa2 with aes. I also enabled wps and initially connected with that. It's been a week now and not a single issue.

220.5.2013 01:55

D-Link is actively researching this issue now to determine the cause.!
I think S4 is the problem not the routers. I have this same issue.

321.5.2013 07:37

belkin ftw but still problematic...

421.5.2013 15:29

I remember they always said in school "Friends don't let friends buy d-link".

Your mileage may vary but I always buy Linksys, throw DD-WRT on it and it just works and works with whatever I throw at it.

Just my $0.02,


524.5.2013 12:07

Dont think its just the S4, am having the same problem with my Note2 on the 655

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most"

625.5.2013 22:04

The s4 is turning out to be a bit of a pile of turd what with the memory issue now this and the other issues with the case and the signal.

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