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Samsung to launch 55-inch OLED TV in South Korea next week

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Jun 2013 1:13 User comments (1)

Samsung to launch 55-inch OLED TV in South Korea next week Samsung is preparing to roll out its new 55-inch OLED television in its home South Korean market, according to a report by the Yonhap news agency.
This means Samsung is bringing forward its plans slightly, most likely to respond to moves made by LG Electronics, which began taking orders for its own 55-inch organic light-emitting diode TV in January this year.

Samsung is the global leader of flat-panel televisions, and certainly won't want to concede too much group early in the battle over next-generation TVs. OLED TVs promise slimmer designs, much better images and better power consumption than other technologies, such as LCD TVs that require a backlight.

Samsung is also expected to launch an OLED TV with a curved in South Korea, along with its 55-inch TV.

Early adopters however will really have to break the bank, with the estimated cost of a beautiful 55-inch OLED display from Samsung being around 10 million won, or about $8657 at the current exchange rate.

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124.6.2013 5:58

I'd love to see one. I was catting earlier today to a pair of "experts" that claim they haven't made them bigger than 15" yet lol.

It's funny but I thought they'd more expensive.

They are 1080p res I understand but because of their higher contrast many expect them to look better than 4k TVs. Their screens can go truly black in an unlit room.

The model number for the Sammy is the F9500.

The Sammy uses true RGB LEDs but the LG uses white LEDs with RGB filters.

EDIT: Oh yeah, they both do passive 3d.


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Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

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