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Netflix' HTML5 player working in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 27 Jun 2013 7:34 User comments (3)

Netflix' HTML5 player working in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 Netflix users who test out the Windows 8.1 preview release will be able to use the Microsoft browser to watch high quality movies and TV shows without installing plug-ins.
Netflix had previously pushed for HTML5 video support through Premium Video Extensions. This would allow premium video playback in a browser without requiring the installation of third-party plugins.

Microsoft's implementation of the Media Source Extensions (MSE) using the Media Foundation APIs within Windows provides for GPU hardware acceleration of 1080p video playback, while an implementation of the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) using Microsoft PlayReady DRM provides content protection for the streams.

Internet Explorer 11 also has WebCrypto implemented, allowing Netflix to encrypt and decrypt communication between its JavaScript application and its own servers.

"We expect premium video on the web to continue to shift away from using proprietary plugin technologies to using these new Premium Video Extensions," Netflix' blog reads.

"We are thrilled to work so closely with the Microsoft team on advancing the HTML5 platform, which gets a big boost today with Internet Explorer's cutting edge support for premium video. We look forward to these APIs being available on all browsers."

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3 user comments

127.6.2013 11:24

Does Chrome have plans to implement the required APIs? I refuse to install Windows 8.x and I hate to use IE for anything other than a few work specific tasks.

227.6.2013 14:29

I can't even remember the last time I used IE for anything. On the few sites that try to force you to use it, I just change my user agent (I use Firefox primarily and Chrome sometimes) and keep scrolling.

328.6.2013 4:01

What I'd be afraid of here is that since they are doing a microsoft implementation that microsoft will use it to steer html5 to their dark side with their divide and conquer aproach and use it to continue their ongoing war against an open web... does anyone know much about wether their implementation is being used for that? X_x


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