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Ten percent of Starbucks transactions now done via mobile payments

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Jul 2013 23:22 User comments (4)

Ten percent of Starbucks transactions now done via mobile payments Starbucks seems to be one of the few companies to successfully implement mobile payments.
The coffee company has just announced that a full 10 percent of payments in the U.S. are now made using smartphones and the Starbucks app.

For those who have not used the app, it is very simple. You get a Starbucks gift card, register the number with the app, and load money online, through the app or in-store. You can then pay in-store using the digital version of your card. Each purchase helps you towards rewards, like free drinks and food items.

Additionally, Starbucks's loyalty cards in North America saw dollars loaded grow by 30% year-over-year.

Finally, the company will begin installing wireless charging mats in more stores, with a full rollout expected for the end of next year.

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4 user comments

127.7.2013 23:29

That's because hipsters cannot put down their phones and interact with an actual human being

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" ~ Roy Trenneman

228.7.2013 15:12

Starbucks is over-price just like Crapple ...iSheeps don't mind?!

Live Free or Die.
The rule above all the rules is: Survive !
Capitalism: Funnel most of the $$$ to the already rich.

329.7.2013 15:38

And this doesn't seem to be using payments aren't the same I believe.

And I agree, hipster doofus's can't put their phones down long enough to remain courteous.

This whole article just radiates the pattern of decline of Western Civilization.


Nothing like propagating and perpetuating the rampant loitering that already occurs in each of those GOD-forsaken stores than giving those twits yet another excuse to buy a 1.80 cup of coffee in order to justify doing work/homework/surfing web/loitering for hours on end because they're homeless, a/c is broken, parents are home, etc...........SHEESH!

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430.7.2013 13:47

Starbucks has definitely done a great job of building a great relationship with their customers using mobile payments. I noticed that Dunkin Donuts is also doing this now. There is a company that focuses on offering a similar service to the quick service chains. You can visit them at

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