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Report: Apple to ship 63 million iWatches in first year, priced at $199

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Aug 2013 12:07 User comments (6)

Report: Apple to ship 63 million iWatches in first year, priced at $199 According to a new report, Apple is partnering with Inventec next year to manufacture 63.4 million iWatches.
The watches will be priced at $199 and include a flexible display, something Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Gear does not have.

Inventec will build 60 percent of the orders, and it is unclear what other manufacturers will build the rest.

Analyst Wang Wanli of CIMB Securities Limited believes $199 is the sweet spot, right between the iPod Nano and the entry-level iPod Touch.

Wanli says Apple will announce the watch in the Q3 2014.

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6 user comments

128.8.2013 12:17

Here we go again! and how many varied versions will there be?!!! mmmm! go to hell Apple!

ZX Spectrum 128K

228.8.2013 14:26

63 million? Guess that's the current count of iSheep?

Just my $0.02,


328.8.2013 19:51

Everyone will start using apps on their wrists now. Imagine how dumb it seems. Let's hope it won't function as a phone.

429.8.2013 1:01

This is the dumbest product in a long time.

There are plenty of idiots who will buy anything Apple builds. But I'm not sure there's 63 million of them

529.8.2013 2:11

I can't wait for the red ink forecast

630.8.2013 17:37

You'd think they could draw a better cartoon hand.
They could've used Dick Tracy's hand.

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