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BlackBerry director: We can survive as niche smartphone maker

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Sep 2013 10:48 User comments (2)

BlackBerry director: We can survive as niche smartphone maker Bert Nordberg, part of BlackBerry's board committee, has said the company can survive as a niche smartphone maker, but they will have to sell off parts.
The board is in charge of exploring 'strategic alternatives' to keep the company afloat, including a sale of parts or the entire company.

Nordberg did not specify which parts of the company should be sold off.

The director did admit that being a tiny overall player in the global market is difficult and will only get worse for BlackBerry. Nordberg says most importantly, the "company needs to close the gap between its value on paper and how Wall Street perceives the company's worth," via Reuters.

BlackBerry is reportedly seeking to spin off its popular messaging service (BBM) into its own subsidiary with more independence.

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2 user comments

11.9.2013 12:00

BB, you are already dead in "smartphone" market. some corporate will keep you alive, but they will also leave you sooner or later unless you realize what people are expecting now in a smartphone.

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22.9.2013 14:05

If that "niche" Includes creating disposable crap that barely outlasts its 1 year warranty and forces the consumer to upgrade at a higher price, then yeah! I think you got that market nailed BB!

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