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Sharp launches 70-inch, THX-certified Aquos UltraHD 4K TV in U.S.

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Sep 2013 22:21 User comments (1)

Sharp launches 70-inch, THX-certified Aquos UltraHD 4K TV in U.S. Sharp has introduced a new 70-inch Aquos 4K Ultra HD LED TV for the U.S. market.
The company had initially projected a mid-August launch for the TV, but supply issues kept it off shelves until now.

Besides the high-end specs, the TV is also THX-certified and will sell for $7,499.99 MSRP.

"For the past several years the focus with high-end television panels was on delivering a more exciting experience through size. With the introduction of our AQUOS 4K TV, we now offer consumers an even more life-like TV experience coupling size with resolution and clarity," said John Herrington, President, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America.

The TV will upscale all non-4K content to 4K using Sharp's own 'Revelation 4K Upscaler.'

Check out the TV here.

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1 user comment

120.9.2013 16:26

I see this "upconvert" being as note-worthy and effective as players that "upconvert" from SD to HD-1080.........which is barely noticeable.

4K is a long LOOOOONG ways off people. We don't even broadcast tv in 1080p let alone going 4K.

I figure another 7 years before mainstreamed and by then another technology will have taken precedence.

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