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150 million accounts leaked - check here if you are affected

Written by Jari Ketola @ 05 Nov 2013 11:25 User comments (7)

150 million accounts leaked - check here if you are affected About a month ago Adobe confirmed that their systems were breached and user account details were compromised. Security researchers and hackers got their hands on the data and news started circulating the web.
The leaked data contains, among other data, email addresses and encrypted passwords. The encryption key is so far unknown, but it could be just a matter of time before all the data is decrypted and millions of email addresses are linked to corresponding passwords. That is because all the passwords seem to have been encrypted with either a very few keys or a single key. Security analysts have already managed to find the top 100 passwords from the millions of rows of data.

If your account was compromised your Adobe account was already locked a month ago. If, however, you are unsure if your email address was in Adobe's records (and it is quite likely that many of the 150 million users affected are), you can check online if your email address is included in the leaked data. This service is provided by a third party, and AfterDawn is in no way responsible for it's behaviour. While we believe the service is legit, there are no guarantees of it.

Should your email address be affected and you have used the same password in Adobe's services as well as other web sites, it is advisable to change your passwords immediately.

We recommend using a password manager to easily keep your passwords in check and avoid using the same password over and over again. Both KeePass and LastPass are very good choices.

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7 user comments

15.11.2013 16:30

That's odd. Where is all the outrage at Adobe for this? I mean it's their fault they got attacked...right?

25.11.2013 17:53

Email phishing scam if ever i saw one Jari explain why the email checker link you posted DOES NOT go to an official adobe website in fact there's no info on it at all as to who owns it.

edit:i was about to pm ddp didn't realise there was a mod here already:

Oner who is this Jari person who made this topic & can that link be trusted ?

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 05 Nov 2013 @ 5:55

35.11.2013 18:27

Jari person here, CTO @ Thank you for your concern. I understand your point completely.

It could well be a phishing scam, but I find it highly doubtful. I added a disclaimer about this, though. In any case the service seems to accurately match my accounts that Adobe has confirmed compromised, and hasn't given a positive match on any of the random addresses I've tried it with. So at least there seems to be a valid backend there.

Furthermore the site,, has been quite widely linked to. Obviously endorsement by many isn't guarantee of quality. =) I'm not aware of any such search engine provided by Adobe. I would link to one if one existed.

We'll build our own checker if need be. We have done it in the past for various leaks in Finland - in much smaller scale obviously.

Jari Ketola

411.11.2013 12:30

Forget Adobe, I feel like my browser gets hijacked every time I visit this site. Seriously guys, are you hurting that bad for $? Browsing this page is like walking through a minefield. I see some space over there -> where you can put another ad.

511.11.2013 13:18

8686, my ie8 browser doesn't get hijacked on this site!

611.11.2013 22:11

Originally posted by Oner:
That's odd. Where is all the outrage at Adobe for this? I mean it's their fault they got attacked...right?
When I first read this I was thinking the same thing. I'm happy to see I'm not alone in this.

712.11.2013 07:21

who is this Jari person
Love it.

My old junk email from God-knows-what Adobe product was found in the database. Not surprised really!

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