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Microsoft ad pushes Surface for 'real work', revisits education scenario

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Nov 2013 12:34 User comments (4)

Microsoft ad pushes Surface for 'real work', revisits education scenario Microsoft has a new ad for its Surface tablet that claims the device is for 'real work'.
If you recall, Microsoft promoted the Lenovo Yoga with Windows 8 over the iPad in an education setting with an ad that showed a class full of students struggling to type out promptly spoken words from the professor on an iPad, with the predictable exception being the one smiling student with the Windows 8 device using a real keyboard.

Now, without specifically mentioning the iPad, Microsoft has revisited education with a new ad showing a teacher promoting the Surface tablet as being for "real work."

"All my students have the brand new Surface, it has the new Windows, it comes with Office, has a real keyboard so they can do real work," he informs us.

"The battery lasts and lasts so after school, they can Skype, play games, or my favorite - do homework. Change is looking pretty good afterall."

As fascinated as Microsoft is with its own products, it has its work cut out for it as the iPad is clearly the more embraced device so far in an education setting. Just last week, Tim Cook said that Apple now owns 94 percent of the education market.

Here's the new Surface ad below.. and as a reminder I've also added the Lenovo Yoga ad from August.

The New Surface: Teacher

Lenovo Yoga vs. iPad: College

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4 user comments

15.11.2013 12:44

Seems if they need to throw Office into the OS to get people to buy a surface and/or win8, sure seems M$ is hurting and trying desperately and everything they can to put a better spin on current events. Fact of the matter it seems M$ has a hiring freeze currently as $ale$ are not what are expected. Ballmer gone yet? Sooner the better!

25.11.2013 12:57

well, surface won't sell w/o office, for sure. i am still considering a windows based tablet (not surface though, but surface pro or eqv) just because no other tablets (or even smartphones) can offer a full office. else, there is almost not a single reason why i shouldn't buy an ipad.

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38.11.2013 14:40

Surface all the way.

48.11.2013 14:40

Surface all the way.

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