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New Linux worm targeting your home routers, security cameras, more

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Nov 2013 23:25 User comments (1)

New Linux worm targeting your home routers, security cameras, more Researchers have found a new and scary Linux worm that is infecting home routers, set-top boxes, security cameras and other devices with an Internet connection.
Linux.Darlloz can target devices that run on Intel-made CPUs, so right now the threat is considered 'low-level.'

Symantec researcher Kaoru Hayashi says minor modifications could make the worm potent, if they incorporate available executable and linkable format (ELF) files. Those ELF files can attack devices running on ARM, PPC, MIPS, and MIPSEL architectures.

"Upon execution, the worm generates IP addresses randomly, accesses a specific path on the machine with well-known ID and passwords, and sends HTTP POST requests, which exploit the vulnerability," Hayashi explained (via Ars). "If the target is unpatched, it downloads the worm from a malicious server and starts searching for its next target. Currently, the worm seems to infect only Intel x86 systems, because the downloaded URL in the exploit code is hard-coded to the ELF binary for Intel architectures."

The worm exploits devices with outdated open source code, many of which cannot even be updated due to aging hardware that cannot meet the minimum requirements.

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1 user comment

12.12.2013 6:35

Please, be calm and don't send your old routers to the trash just yet.

The key of the article is "with well-known ID and passwords".

Meaning: "If you are dumb enough to let the http port of your device open to the wild outside world without changing its default ID and password, you deserve to be infected with whatever evil junk is out there, because you're asking very loudly to be hacked and it's quite a miracle that such thing hadn't happened until now".

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"You know, it seems that quotes on the internet are becoming less and less reliable." -Abraham Lincoln.

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