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Google releases Android 4.4.2 update to replace unstable 4.4.1

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 10 Dec 2013 9:14 User comments (2)

Google releases Android 4.4.2 update to replace unstable 4.4.1 Just two days after most Nexus users started getting OTA push updates for the new Android 4.4.1 KitKat update, Google has replaced it with Android 4.4.2.
Reportedly, Android 4.4.1 had some stability issues that were quickly and quietly patched by Google. The change log for 4.4.2 is the same as 4.4.1, which greatly improved the camera quality of the Nexus 5.

The lag has been reduced, shutter times are faster, colors are improved and there is less motion blur. As a Nexus 5 user myself, I found the update helpful, although auto-focus issues still seem to be a problem.

Google was so quick to replace 4.4.1 that honestly I didn't even get to install the original OS as it was pushed to my device last night. Regardless, Google seems to be on top of it, and the updates so far for the camera are a welcome relief as the camera was the biggest disappointment of the device.

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2 user comments

113.12.2013 13:09

Haven't bothered updating yet as I've been too busy to re-root but how are the updates to the camera in your opinion? The before/after shots I've seen look so so much better.

213.12.2013 13:21

Scrap that, SuperSU saved root updating straight to 4.2.2 - first time I've used the feature.

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