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$150,000 gets you Samsung's new 110-inch Ultra HDTV

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Dec 2013 20:01 User comments (4)

$150,000 gets you Samsung's new 110-inch Ultra HDTV Samsung has begun offering a new massive 110-inch Ultra HDTV in South Korea that will go on sale around the globe soon with a price tag of $150,000.
The TV is the size of a king-sized bed and the Ultra HD resolution has 8 million pixels, four times that of 1080p displays.

China and the Middle East will get the device in the next 30 days, say the reports, followed by other major nations in the "next 9 weeks."

While consumer demand is not expected to be too high, especially given the price tag (not to mention the size) but Samsung is also targeting government agencies and other corporations that need large displays for video conferencing.

Even so, Samsung says it has already received 10 orders for the set in the Middle East.

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4 user comments

131.12.2013 12:42

There are too many 0's in that price.

231.12.2013 17:22

Does the remote come with free batteries? If it does, I will buy a couple. One for my room, one for the toilet, one for my dog house, one for the .....

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31.1.2014 11:55

Originally posted by keebles:
Does the remote come with free batteries?
They will, but you know they're going to be those cheap-ass wanna-be batteries which come with every other remote. Junk batteries which are half dead when you unwrap them.

43.1.2014 16:40

The middle east oil barons will just LOVE this.....

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