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CES 2014: LG has major plans to revive webOS

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Jan 2014 21:18

CES 2014: LG has major plans to revive webOS Nearly five years after Palm unveiled the intuitive and smooth operating system on its smartphones, LG used CES to reveal its plans for webOS.
LG looks to be bringing the operating system to the big screen, and about 60 percent of the company's TV releases in 2014 will run webOS TV.

Differentiating from current Smart TV operating systems, the new flexible webOS is arranged completely horizontally, including the home screen, which is an overlay on top of whatever you are watching rather than the standard grid of apps.

As former Palm owners remembers, webOS pretty much created the cards system that Android and iOS integrate today, and the TV version still has cards of your favorite apps and the last app you had open. Another card makes recommendations based on your viewing habits. More importantly, it doesn't matter what input you are on, as the cards integrate everything. For example, if you plug in a new PlayStation 4, it shows up as a PS4 card, not a generic "HDMI 1," right next to the live TV card, YouTube, etc.

LG will be providing a motion-enabled remote for all new TVs and on-screen guides help users get started. Overall, the operating system looks poised for a comeback after being left for dead, but it is certainly a project that LG will have to devote ongoing resources to.

(Pics via Verge)

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