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Google fined 150k for ignoring French data protection watchdog

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Jan 2014 10:04 User comments (4)

Google fined 150k for ignoring French data protection watchdog Google has been fined 150,000 by a French watchdog after it ignored a three month ultimatum to bring its privacy policies in line with French law.
The dispute stems back to a March 2012 decision by Google to consolidate dozens of privacy policies across its web services into one policy that covers all its services, such as GMail, YouTube and Google+. It would combine its data collection and storage practices on its users across all services.

This immediately got the attention of consumer and privacy watchdogs around the world, particularly in Europe, as Google gave its users no choice to opt out of the change.

France's CNIL eventually ordered Google to change its practices to reflect the law in France, but Google apparently ignored the order, prompting the 150,000 fine. CNIL also ordered Google to display its ruling on its French homepage for a 48 hour period within 8 days of being informed.

"The company does not sufficiently inform its users of the conditions in which their personal data are processed, nor of the purposes of this processing," CNIL said in a statement.

Google faces more scrutiny from Spain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom over its privacy and data collection practices. However, given that Google billions Google makes in profits from its business, six-figure sum fines are hardly going to force it to make changes.

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4 user comments

19.1.2014 11:16

Google really should just block French users until their gov gets a clue. I'll bet the uproar from their people would straighten them out.

Just my $0.02,


211.1.2014 1:45

Hmm, I don't really agree with everything Google does, but simplifying the different terms and conditions across services, into one common document, I would have thought it a good move. It will help simplify things and means users only have to find one privacy policy, not multiple ones.

But, the French have always been a bit different to the rest of the world (and I mean that in a bad way). It's a screwed up country.

311.1.2014 11:49

They're funny about the language. Inventing words from nowhere to stop new foreign words from entering... like "blog" or something.


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Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

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411.1.2014 16:08

whoopdy-frikken-doo. They made that in a single day of violations. Are even the french dumb enough to fall for this publicity stunt by their rulers?

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