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Motorola: Moto G is our most successful smartphone ever

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Feb 2014 10:24 User comments (3)

Motorola: Moto G is our most successful smartphone ever Speaking during the company's MWC press event, Motorola's VP of product management noted that their cheap but powerful Moto G is their most successful smartphone, ever.
Rick Osterloh quickly said: "The Moto G has been the most successful, highest-selling smartphone in Motorola's history."

Osterloh added that Motorola makes a profit on every sale of their handsets.

Motorola Mobility was recently sold to Lenovo for $2.9 billion, after being purchased by Google in 2011.

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3 user comments

126.2.2014 19:33

"most successful selling smartphone ever"

How sad!

Never heard of it and I'm a seriously tapped in network engineer so that clearly means many others have yet to hear of this Motorola P.O.S.

Most Moto phones are crap. This is likely no diff. Droid DNA is the coolest model they have.

228.2.2014 11:18

It appears like Lenovo may have had luck on their side when purchasing Motorola. The Moto-G has been selling like hotcakes in India and is turning quite a profit for Motorola. Lenovo is also having lots of luck selling phones in China as well (up some 13%). Lenovo may give Apple and Samsung a run for their money with the Motorola products. I must say that I am happy with my Motorola Droid Razr-M and the other Motorola phones that I have owned over the years.

Having said that, I probably would not have bought a Moto-G because I like my micro-SD slot and 4G. However, for the price it is being sold at it appears to be a good deal.

328.2.2014 21:29

great phone for price & specs

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