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Sony will stick with Smartwatch and not Android Wear for upcoming watches (for the time being)

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Mar 2014 22:55 User comments (3)

Sony will stick with Smartwatch and not Android Wear for upcoming watches (for the time being) Sony, which has had relatively popular smartwatches for a couple of years, will not be using Google's Android Wear operating system, at least for now.
The company has left the path open to eventually move to Android Wear for its smartwatches, however. Sony Mobile USA boss Ravi Nookala says "We've already invested time and resources on this platform [Smartwatch], and we will continue in that direction."

Sony did send a follow up statement to Nookala's response, stating: "We're excited about the potential of Android Wear to extend the mobile OS experience into wearable devices. While we are currently focused on our in-market wearable offering, including SmartWatch 2, we continue to work closely with Google as a key partner and continue to evaluate opportunities across a number of areas as we extend our SmartWear Experience."

Google unveiled the Android Wear SDK last week and has already signed up Motorola and LG as initial partners. The operating system has integrated Google Now into regular Android/smartwatch notifications.

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3 user comments

126.3.2014 11:40

WEarable tech is really stupid and for the typical nerd who is fat, wears glasses and has a jacked up hair style or an ungroomed beard that still lives at home with his mom and goes to LAN parties all the time.

The Samsung watch thingy is the DUMBEST lame-ass, useless P.O.S.

Now.........the Oppo Find 7 coming in May.....makes the notion of wearable tech even dumber.

226.3.2014 15:40

I hear you hearme. I have no interest in a mini computer on my wrist.

327.3.2014 1:00

I think both of you ought to reflect on what was said about smartphones and tablets in the past ^^'. It was pretty much identical to what you are saying here...

If more of these devices can simply look good (such as the new Motorola smartwatch, the upcoming "iWatch", or even the black Sony above), I think it will eventually gain some traction.

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