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Google shows off prototypes of Moto 360 and LG G Watch

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Jun 2014 17:34 User comments (4)

Google shows off prototypes of Moto 360 and LG G Watch Google, via their Android Developer Blog, has shown off prototypes of the LG G Watch and the Motorola Moto 360, the first devices to run on Android Wear.
In the post, two Google designers were showing off a tour app for Android Wear, and each was wearing one of the watches.

Until now, there had only been company press shot renderings available, so it is interesting to see them in real life. In fact, both of the prototypes appear to be a bit bulkier than their renderings, but that is likely to be updated in the coming months.

LG and Moto have promised a summer release for their respective watches, but the specific time frame remains a mystery.


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4 user comments

14.6.2014 19:30

UGH! What a waste!!!!

Although the watch itself shown above is kinda cool lookin.......if I was a watch-wearer, which I'm not.

"Happy people don't wear watches"

24.6.2014 19:51

Hate square watches and all iterations of, including this LG; the only rectangular watch I'm partial to is a JLC Reverso and that is pretty much the benchmark in that category.

The Moto 360 is a nice concept. However, the dial seems disproportionate to the strap but I imagine that is just a dev thing as they presumably aren't wearing these all day yet.

I will literally never wear a smartwatch though, so.. meh.

34.6.2014 21:16

I'd try the Motorola.

***\\\//****\\\ ****\\\****

44.6.2014 22:13

I hate how big dial's have gotten on watches. I'm not the largest person in the world so while I would want to get the moto watch... its just to big for me. I have a rectangle shaped watch i wear mostly now but the LG watch looks... well like crap.

Carpe Noctem

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