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VAIO PCs return after Sony closes sale of brand

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Jul 2014 23:58 User comments (2)

VAIO PCs return after Sony closes sale of brand The VAIO PC brand has returned.
Earlier this year, Sony agreed to sell the brand as it continues to focus on core products including gaming, smartphones and tablets. The willing buyer was investment fund Japan Industrial Partners. The fund specializes in acquiring assets from companies that are looking to shed unwanted or poor performing divisions to help cut costs.

As promised, the deal has closed as of July 1st, and the fund is already selling two new VAIO laptops, the Fit and Pro, both for sale in Japan.

The devices are still available through Sony's online store, although it does not have Sony branding any longer. Sony is a five percent owner of the new VAIO Corp.

Check the products here: VAIO

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2 user comments

14.7.2014 16:11

The real question I want one? Is this worth trying to track one down and try to buy real cheap or no??

IMO perhaps as a failed venture that Sony is trying to essentially dump, maybe these two models are like 500 bucks for what should be like 1100.00?

Probably wishful thinking at its best. Anyone wanna ring in on this?


They are incredibly expensive and selling out like people think they're gonna be worth something. Yeah, that's not gonna be the case!

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25.7.2014 10:45

I've never bought one, nor do I have plans to ever get one. I usually stick to HO and Acer. I do very little with a computer anyways.

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