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Amazon puts failed Fire Phone on fire sale with 99 percent discount

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Sep 2014 23:47 User comments (3)

Amazon puts failed Fire Phone on fire sale with 99 percent discount Amazon's Fire Phone has been an unmitigated disaster since its high profile launch in June, and now the e-commerce giant seems to be confirming that fact.
The company has dumped the price of the Fire Phone to just 99 cents with a two-year AT&T contract, down from its normal $199 price, a full 99 percent discount.

Overseas, the price has been cut to 1 euro for O2 and Deutsche Telekom, meaning the price slashing is global.

While the phone itself may not be worth owning, even at the 99 cent price tag you still get a free year of Amazon Prime (which normally costs $99 per year) and you get unlimited cloud storage through Amazon. Those perks alone may be worth the purchase.

There have been recent reports that Amazon has only sold 35,000 Fire Phone units since launch, a number so small that it makes BlackBerry look like Apple.

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3 user comments

19.9.2014 3:07

This post is a load of balls. It's trying to indicate that the Fire Phone is free with a 2 year contract, YES that is right but it does heavily depend on what contract (Tariff) you apply for. If you want the phone for free the MIN spend per month (UK) is 33.00 and for that you get crappy minutes per month and crappy data allowance too. If you want to pay 13 a month then you have to fork our 400.00 for the phone. There are a few tariffs in between but if you want the phone for free you have to spend a lot on your tariff each month.

ZX Spectrum 128K

29.9.2014 5:50

You appear to be from the UK (as am I), but our phone tariffs are so so so much cheaper than the offerings in the US. You'd look at more like 99c + 2 years on AT&T at $80/month, or similar.

Cost aside, the phone is junk (hardware). Launch-wise, it should have been free with a 2-year subscription to Prime, as its purpose was to just push more Amazon content on its users anyway.

39.9.2014 15:17

I'll buy this phone for 99 cents WITHOUT CONTRACT.......and no f'ing other way will I entertain this epic P.O.S.

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