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Mozilla to release a premium version of Firefox

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 11 Jun 2019 10:33 User comments (4)

Mozilla to release a premium version of Firefox Mozilla CEO Chris Beard has revealed a rather strange development for the web browser developers. The company responsible for the popular Firefox browser is going to be releasing a premium version of the browser.
At this point he doesn't reveal what kind of price people are required to pay to access this new piece of Mozilla software, but needless to say it will include some improvements over the free version.

In an interview with Germal publication t3n, Beard says that the new version might include things like integrated VPN service as well as free and safe cloud storage, although not all features have yet been decided.

He ensures that in no universe is Mozilla going to get rid of the free version, however. This also won't affect the new features that have already been promised to the free version in upcoming updates.

Firefox has lost much of its traction to Google's Chrome over the years, and it currently hold the second place in market share with measly 10%, when it topped 30% around ten years ago before Chrome.

According to the company this is one of the ways it is seeking new revenue streams.

The premium version will be entering a test phase in October.

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4 user comments

111.6.2019 18:46


212.6.2019 07:14

So the logic is that because they're loosing their market share they will ask for money for some features? The most probable reaction from people will be to switch to other browsers.

Anyone willing to pay for something that's free?


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312.6.2019 11:38

I'd maybe pay $5 per month max if it included an unlimited vpn.

414.6.2019 16:49

I will wait to judge. I really do not like Chrome so I hope the paid version is for added features worth paying for on there own.

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