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Save2pc Light v3.27

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Save2pc, formerly known as YouTube Downloader, is a simple tool that downloads files from YouTube or Google Video and saves them to your disk.

Simply paste the URL into the program and select whether you want to save the video as AVI, MPEG or FLV file.


Save2pc Light v3.25

Other editions:

youtube google video avi mpeg flv

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 29 Jul 2020
Downloads 46,056
File size 2.33 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

29 Jul 2020Save2pc Light v4.3.6.467(Latest stable version)
19 Dec 2019Save2pc Light v4.3.5.458
23 Jun 2019Save2pc Light v4.3.5.457
01 Feb 2019Save2pc Light v4.3.5.455
12 Nov 2018Save2pc Light v4.3.4.454
11 Sep 2018Save2pc Light v4.3.4.452
18 Mar 2018Save2pc Light v4.3.4.451
30 Jun 2017Save2pc Light v4.3.2.449
09 Mar 2017Save2pc Light v4.3.2.447
17 Feb 2017Save2pc Light v4.3.2.445
05 Feb 2017Save2pc Light v4.3.2.444
08 Jan 2017Save2pc Light v4.3.2.443
10 Sep 2016Save2pc Light v4.3.1.442
28 Jul 2016Save2pc Light v4.2.9.441
19 Feb 2016Save2pc Light v4.2.8.439
07 Jan 2016Save2pc Light v4.2.8.438
06 Jan 2016Save2pc Light v4.2.8.437
11 Nov 2015Save2pc Light v4.2.8.435
01 Feb 2015Save2pc Light v4.2.8.434
28 Jan 2015Save2pc Light v4.2.8.433
04 Dec 2014Save2pc Light v4.2.8.432
16 Nov 2014Save2pc Light v4.2.8.431
20 Aug 2014Save2pc Light v4.2.8.429
25 Jul 2014Save2pc Light v4.2.8.428
17 Jul 2014Save2pc Light v4.2.8.427
12 Mar 2014Save2pc Light v4.2.8.426
11 Dec 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.425
30 Nov 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.424
27 Nov 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.423
24 Nov 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.422
14 Nov 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.421
06 Nov 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.420
26 Oct 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.419
23 Oct 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.418
12 Oct 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.417
11 Oct 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.416
05 Oct 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.415
02 Oct 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.414
27 Sep 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.413
25 Sep 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.412
20 Sep 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.411
18 Sep 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.410
14 Sep 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.409
11 Sep 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.408
09 Sep 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.407
06 Sep 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.406
01 Sep 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.405
30 Aug 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.404
28 Aug 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.403
23 Aug 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.402
17 Aug 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.401
09 Aug 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.399
03 Aug 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.398
01 Aug 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.397
19 Jul 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.393
12 Jul 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.392
27 Jun 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.391
24 Jun 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.389
20 Jun 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.8.388
14 Feb 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.7.387
12 Feb 2013Save2pc Light v4.2.6.386
16 Dec 2012Save2pc Light v4.2.6.385
02 Oct 2012Save2pc Light v4.2.5.384
14 Sep 2012Save2pc Light v4.2.5.383
06 Jul 2012Save2pc Light v4.2.4.382
22 Feb 2012Save2pc Light v4.2.3.381
18 Jan 2012Save2pc Light v4.22.379
31 Oct 2011Save2pc Light v4.22 Build 379
15 Aug 2011Save2pc Light v4.21 Build 378
27 Jul 2011Save2pc Light v4.21 Build 376
30 Jun 2011Save2pc Light v4.21 Build 374
09 Apr 2011Save2pc Light v4.18 Build 372
25 Mar 2011Save2pc Light v4.17 Build 371
20 Feb 2011Save2pc Light v4.16 Build 369
22 Dec 2010Save2pc Light v4.15 Build 368
01 Dec 2010Save2pc Light v4.14 Build 367
11 Nov 2010Save2pc Light v4.13 Build 366
17 Oct 2010Save2pc Light v4.12 Build 365
20 Sep 2010Save2pc Light v4.11 Build 364
30 Aug 2010Save2pc Light v4.09 Build 362
12 Aug 2010Save2pc Light v4.08 Build 361
16 Jul 2010Save2pc Light v4.07 Build 359
03 Jul 2010Save2pc Light v4.06 Build 358
08 Jun 2010Save2pc Light v4.05 Build 357
19 May 2010Save2pc Light v4.04 Build 356
15 Apr 2010Save2pc Light v4.03 Build 355
02 Apr 2010Save2pc Light v4.02 Build 354
16 Mar 2010Save2pc Light v4.02
03 Jan 2010Save2pc Light v4.0
11 Oct 2009Save2pc Light v3.59
19 Sep 2009Save2pc Light v3.58
27 Aug 2009Save2pc Light v3.56
13 Aug 2009Save2pc Light v3.55
10 Jul 2009Save2pc Light v3.53
24 Jun 2009Save2pc Light v3.52
05 Jun 2009Save2pc Light v3.51
03 May 2009Save2pc Light v3.49
16 Mar 2009Save2pc Light v3.46
21 Feb 2009Save2pc Light v3.45
06 Feb 2009Save2pc Light v3.44
04 Jan 2009Save2pc Light v3.42
17 Dec 2008Save2pc Light v3.41
01 Dec 2008Save2pc Light v3.40
10 Nov 2008Save2pc Light v3.39
31 Oct 2008Save2pc Light v3.38
29 Sep 2008Save2pc Light v3.37
15 Sep 2008Save2pc Light v3.36
31 Aug 2008Save2pc Light v3.35
19 Aug 2008Save2pc Light v3.34
01 Aug 2008Save2pc Light v3.33
24 Jul 2008Save2pc Light v3.32
08 Jul 2008Save2pc Light v3.31
25 Jun 2008Save2pc Light v3.30
04 Jun 2008Save2pc Light v3.29
25 Apr 2008Save2pc Light v3.27
07 Apr 2008Save2pc Light v3.26
25 Feb 2008Save2pc Light v3.25
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