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VSO Downloader v3.1.1.3

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
VSO Downloader from VSO Software is a multimedia downloader that can grab video and audio from thousands of websites. The program sits in the background and can be set to automatically download media as you surf.

Among the websites it supports are the most popular multimedia sites on the planet: DailyMotion, Yahoo, Google Videos,
Download YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Metacafe, Myspace and many others. Additionally, thousands of more media sources will be covered through support for HTTP and HTTPS protocols. For a more complete list of popular sources that are supported, click here.

The web browser you are using to watch videos does not matter, as VSO Downloader works independently of what you use to surf.

Files can be converted automatically to different formats such as .avi, .mp4, .Xvid, .mp3, and for and for devices like iPhones and iPads. Video files can be converted to audio files (mp3s).

Downloads can be paused and also resumed later if the application needs to be closed down. It supports VPNs and proxy servers too. An adblocker prevents undesired content from being downloaded.

It is 100% free, fully functional out of the box, no toolbars or spyware found in the software or installer.


VSO Downloader v2.9.9.5 VSO Downloader v2.9.9.5

vso downloader streaming video youtube metacafe cnn

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 19 Mar 2020
Downloads 91,506
File size 16.77 MB (< 3min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Swedish,  Norwegian,  Spanish,  Dutch,  Danish
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

19 Mar 2020VSO Downloader v5.1.1.70(Latest stable version)
24 Feb 2020VSO Downloader v5.1.1.69
22 Dec 2019VSO Downloader v5.0.1.64
23 Nov 2019VSO Downloader v5.0.1.63
07 Nov 2019VSO Downloader v5.0.1.62
15 Jul 2019VSO Downloader v5.0.1.61
17 May 2019VSO Downloader v5.0.1.60 Beta
11 May 2019VSO Downloader v5.0.1.59 Beta
23 Mar 2019VSO Downloader v5.0.1.58 Beta
06 Mar 2019VSO Downloader v5.0.1.57 Beta
26 Sep 2018VSO Downloader v5.0.1.55
08 Aug 2018VSO Downloader v5.0.1.54
22 Jun 2018VSO Downloader v5.0.1.54 Beta
22 Jun 2018VSO Downloader v5.0.1.53
16 Mar 2018VSO Downloader v5.0.1.52 Beta
28 Oct 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.51
11 Aug 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.49
09 Aug 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.48
07 Aug 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.47
28 Jun 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.46
15 Jun 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.45
31 May 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.42
30 May 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.41
25 May 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.40
12 May 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.39
05 May 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.38
02 May 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.37
21 Apr 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.36
20 Apr 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.35
29 Mar 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.33
28 Mar 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.31
08 Mar 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.28
17 Feb 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.22
02 Feb 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.20
31 Jan 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.18
21 Jan 2017VSO Downloader v5.0.1.16
25 Dec 2016VSO Downloader v5.0.1.0
02 Dec 2016VSO Downloader v5.0.0.123
27 Nov 2016VSO Downloader v5.0.0.122
13 Dec 2015VSO Downloader v4.5.0.17
14 Nov 2015VSO Downloader v4.5.0.14
05 Sep 2015VSO Downloader v4.4.0.8
31 Aug 2015VSO Downloader v4.4.0.6
06 Jul 2015VSO Downloader v4.3.0.22
20 Jun 2015VSO Downloader v4.3.0.21
01 Jun 2015VSO Downloader v4.3.0.16
12 Jan 2015VSO Downloader v4.2.6.2
09 Dec 2014VSO Downloader v4.2.5.1
03 Dec 2014VSO Downloader v4.2.4.1
07 Nov 2014VSO Downloader v4.2.3.0
30 Oct 2014VSO Downloader v4.2.2.3
25 Oct 2014VSO Downloader v4.2.1.1
19 Sep 2014VSO Downloader v4.2.0.9
18 Sep 2014VSO Downloader v4.2.0.7
01 Sep 2014VSO Downloader v4.1.1.25
05 Aug 2014VSO Downloader v4.1.0.18
25 Jul 2014VSO Downloader v4.1.0.13
22 May 2014VSO Downloader v4.0.0.19
15 May 2014VSO Downloader v4.0.0.18
14 May 2014VSO Downloader v4.0.0.17
13 May 2014VSO Downloader v4.0.0.16
20 Feb 2014VSO Downloader v3.2.0.6
05 Dec 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.2.6
27 Nov 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.2.3
14 Nov 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.1.13
06 Nov 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.1.10
04 Nov 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.1.9
21 Oct 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.1.8
19 Oct 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.1.7
18 Oct 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.1.5
16 Oct 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.1.4
10 Oct 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.1.3
07 Oct 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.1.1
27 Aug 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.0.50
24 Aug 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.0.49
22 Aug 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.0.44 beta
09 Aug 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.0.43
08 Aug 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.0.42 beta
31 Jul 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.0.31
29 Jul 2013VSO Downloader v3.1.0.28 beta
17 Apr 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.3.5
16 Apr 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.3.4
26 Feb 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.2.1
19 Feb 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.1.2
11 Feb 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.1.0
06 Feb 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.0.23
04 Feb 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.0.22
02 Feb 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.0.21
01 Feb 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.0.20
29 Jan 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.0.18
28 Jan 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.0.17
25 Jan 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.0.16
24 Jan 2013VSO Downloader v3.0.0.15
18 Dec 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.14.7
13 Dec 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.14.4
04 Dec 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.13.19
01 Dec 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.13.17
30 Nov 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.13.16
28 Nov 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.13.14
27 Nov 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.13.13
25 Oct 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.12.1
16 Oct 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.12.0
09 Oct 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.11.8
05 Oct 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.11.7
04 Oct 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.11.0
14 Sep 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.10.6
12 Sep 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.10.5
11 Sep 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.10.4
20 Jul 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.9.5
16 Jul 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.8.7
10 Jul 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.7.8
29 Jun 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.6.6
10 Jun 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.5.9
07 Jun 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.5.7
19 May 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.5.5
13 May 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.4.1
06 May 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.3.2
03 May 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.2.2
20 Apr 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.1.4
18 Apr 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.1.1
14 Apr 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.0.4
12 Apr 2012VSO Downloader v2.9.0.1
11 Apr 2012VSO Downloader v2.8.1.4
10 Apr 2012VSO Downloader v2.8.1.0
03 Apr 2012VSO Downloader v2.8.0.3
28 Mar 2012VSO Downloader v2.7.2.0
26 Mar 2012VSO Downloader v2.7.0.4
21 Feb 2012VSO Downloader v2.6.8.2
18 Feb 2012VSO Downloader v2.6.8.0
01 Feb 2012VSO Downloader v2.5.1.2
26 Jan 2012VSO Downloader v2.5.0.9
23 Jan 2012VSO Downloader v2.5.0.7
20 Jan 2012VSO Downloader v2.5.0.5
01 Dec 2011VSO Downloader v1.7.0.0
28 Nov 2011VSO Downloader v1.6.8.0
22 Nov 2011VSO Downloader v1.6.7.0
21 Nov 2011VSO Downloader v1.6.5.0
31 Oct 2011VSO Downloader v1.6.1.0
19 Oct 2011VSO Downloader v1.5.0.50
30 Sep 2011VSO Downloader v1.4.0.37
28 Sep 2011VSO Downloader v1.4.0.22
22 Sep 2011VSO Downloader v1.3.1.14
10 Sep 2011VSO Downloader v1.3.0.33
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VSO Downloader v4.2.6.2

The ability to add the URL of the download is very useful if you notice a video you like which is part way through before turning on the downloader.
I recommend this to anyone who wants to download streaming videos. Its a great piece of kit!

VSO Downloader v2.9.8.7

Great software to download videos from many websites. Seems way better than its competitors.

Unverified new user
VSO Downloader v1.7.0.0

mine doesnt download ahniytng i mean.. it doesnt find ahniytng i have no thought why though.. should i send u a record rejoinder so you can see what it does?

12 Jun 2012
Unverified new user
VSO Downloader v1.3.1.14

this at the top of the notification panel when the dolawond completes.)When you pressed the dolawond button, you choose a location to save the Update67 file, right? Use Windows Explorer to navigate to that folder and double-click on the update file to launch it.Follow the prompts and it will install.Cheers,Darren. Reply:March 19th, 2011 at 9:35 amHi DarrenThanks for the info. Found usng Windows Explorer in Program Files YouGrab3. Successfully installed.Regards Joe

12 Jun 2012
VSO Downloader v1.3.0.33

Excellant, just like SpeedBits, just start the video, then after VSO gets it, it downloads even after I stop the playback.