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Version history for Ant Download Manager (Portable)

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Changes for v1.17.2 - v1.18.0

  • updated the link watcher of clipboard
  • fixed parser for html5player
  • fixed crash of playlistchannel parser
  • fixed download from GoogleDrive. Thank Sughosha for pointing out the bug!
  • fixed MPEG-DASH conversion
  • fixed M3U8 capture
  • refactoring and bug fix

Changes for v1.17.1 - v1.17.2

  • added support debrid service
  • added new yt video tags
  • optimized mp3 conversion
  • updated algorithm for working with the list of downloads
  • fixed parser of VIMEO-STREAM protocol
  • fixed installer (reinstalling the software on a nonexistent drive returned an error)
  • fixed video converter (extract images from video)
  • fixed media converter memory leaks
  • fixed threads leaks in antCH.exe module
  • refactoring and bug fix

Changes for v1.17.0 - v1.17.1

  • added exportimport software settings
  • updated video parser
  • updated chrome extension
  • updated Italian translation. Thanks to Bovirus for the helpful comments and corrections.
  • fixed parsing of ytplaylist
  • fixed extension for the new vesion of Vivaldi
  • deleted WPCap driver support (it's anachronism in current time)
  • refactoring and bug fix

Changes for v1.16.1 - v1.17.0

  • due to new Firefox browser requirements changed the way to integrate into browsers
  • added support Iridium Browser
  • updated Firefox add-on
  • updated System Tray notification
  • fixed bug of saving stream video files to a folder which contains folders and files with unicode characters
  • fixed download video from
  • refactoring and bug fix

Changes for v1.15.1 - v1.16.0

  • added queues according to numerous user requests
  • updated parser of m3u8 stream protocol (#EXT-X-BYTERANGE)
  • updated the capture of URL address from Clipboard
  • fixed chrome extension
  • fixed subtitle encoding
  • fix creating MP3 ID3V2 info
  • fixed disappearance of video file after download (renaming its to tmp file)
  • refactoring and bug fix

Changes for v1.15.0 - v1.15.1

  • added video animation of the download
  • added a few new featuries to general software settings
  • updated scheduler
  • updated subtitle parsing
  • updated ytparser and downloader of video files
  • updated Video Button. Now the color of Video Button depends on AntDM color theme.
  • fixed parser for
  • fixed parser for html5player
  • fixed copypastedit of downloading file name in the download form
  • fixed chrome and firefox extensions
  • fixed video capture for
  • refactoring and bug fix

Changes for v1.14.3 - v1.15.0

  • added automatic MS Edge (chromium project) integration
  • added support for downloading static (not automatic online translation) youtube subtitles of SRT and VTT type
  • updated chrome and firefox extension. When link capture is furn off, the browser AntDM context menu is enabled now.
  • updated Add Video Download form
  • improved parsing video playlist
  • fixed DASH-MPEG manifest parser
  • fixed scheduler
  • refactoring and bug fix

Changes for v1.14.2 - v1.14.3

  • added support for some new video types
  • added support for the message multipart/form-data of HTTP POST
  • added some new software settings
  • fixed some featuries of the software settings
  • fixed downloader for slow speed inet
  • fixed parser for html5player
  • fixed download logging (progress window), which sometimes led to program crash
  • refactoring and bug fix

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