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Version history for CamStudio

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Changes for v2.6c Beta - v2.7 Build 316

  • * CamStudio not displaying/able to use all video codecs on system
  • (Partially done - some Microsoft WM codecs are still inaccessable but this is being worked on)
  • * Sometimes the CamStudio Lossless codec is not showing in codec list in Vista and Win7
  • (A new 64-bit compatible codec installer has been created to remove incorrectly
  • installed codecs and reinstall it)
  • * Keyboard shortcut option for Autopan with on-screen notification
  • * CamStudio will now inform you when a new update is available
  • * We've altered the default save location from 'Use Windows Temporary Directory'
  • to a Videos folder in 'Use Application Installed Diretory' so it's easier to find
  • * Removed link to CamStudio Blog from Help menu
  • * Made Auto Adjust enabled by default with a new second checkbox (also enabled by default)
  • above the slider bar locking the Capture Frame rate and Playback rate to only factors of
  • 1000. Added a warning dialog when "Locking" checkbox deselected.
  • Leaving the "Lock" checkbox on will help to stop common audio/video desync issues
  • * Added a warning to Video Options > Capture rate mentioning CPU-load and final filesize
  • increase when using a higher capture rate figure
  • * Also made Key Frame rate independant of Auto Adjust for finer control.
  • * Changed first-run Video Options defaults to:
  • Keyframes every: 100 frames
  • Capture Every: 50 millseconds
  • Playback: 20 frames per second

Changes for v2.0 - v2.6 r273 Beta

  • Fixed a memoryleak that caused that made Camstudio crashed after 40-50 minutes of recording.
  • Redesigned the region calculation routines.
  • The same procedure is now applicable for all sizing calculations.
  • The area you define in regions is the area that will be recorded. No shift in position or losing rows or columns.
  • Size of the region is now displayed correctly in the progress monitoring window.
  • Size of the recording is now equal to the size as displayed the progress monitoring window.

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