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Version history for DuckieTV (64-bit)

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Changes for v1.1.4 - v1.1.5

  • AutoDownload: (new) Now able to download .torrent files \o/.
  • Database: (fix) Moved the database management services to the Background task, to minimise interruptions to DB updates and maintain integrity.
  • Favourites: (new) Remembers last used sort selection.
  • Favourites: (new) Introducing Anime support. Now search can use the absolute episode number when available. Series Settings allows the user to select any available Alias to replace the default Title in searches.
  • SearchEngines: (new) Introducing Jackett! You can use the Jackett proxy to access your favourite open/semi-private/private trackers as DuckieTV Search Engines.
  • For more information on using Jackett with DuckieTV read this wiki
  • SearchEngines: (removed) has gone.
  • Standalone: (upgrade) NWJS 25.0 with Chromium 61 and Node 8.4.0
  • TorrentClient: (new) Introducing Aria2 client.
  • TorrentClient: (new) Introducing BiglyBT client.
  • TorrentClient: (fix) Can now connect with qBitTorrent 3.3.14 (and newer) with CSRF protection.
  • TorrentClient: (fix) Can now connect with Deluge 1.3.14 (and newer) with CSRF protection.
  • Torrent Dialog [multi-SE]: (new) Remembers last used sort selection.
  • Trakt-Sync: (upgrade) When an episode is marked as downloaded it is added to the collected list of a user's Trakt account.
  • Trakt-Trending sidepanel: (upgrade) Now using buttons instead of mouse-hover to improve browsing experience.
  • Misc: Bug fixes.

Changes for v1.1.3 - v1.1.4

  • Performance: Massive database write performance improvement.
  • User Interface: Split up favorites and adding mode, introduced 'todo' mode. You can now add multiple shows at once. Yellow stars now indicate show or season premieres
  • Images: (fix) switched to for all images after ended support
  • AutoDownload: (new) using global Require/Ignore Keywords / exclude lists, (new) series custom search provider option, (new) option to ignore global Quality, Require and Ignore keywords via series custom settings, (new) use global/custom size min/max, (new) use series custom search string, (fix) episodes with date scene names bug, (new) monitor auto-download activity via status sidepanel, (new) make AD wait until episode has aired before searching, (new) series custom AD additional delay before searching
  • FastSearch: (new) introducing the fast-search feature. Just start typing and a dialog pops up with the first six matches of your series from favourites, series from Trakt.TV, and the first 9 matches of episodes from favourites and torrent search.
  • Standalone: (upgrade) nwjs 20.x chromium 56.x Node 7.3.x, (fix) linux minimize bug, (new) option to open add-new-torrent panel on torrentHost, (fix) linux and mac multy systray bug, (fix) defaults for first time users bug, (new) option to set the color of the system tray icon
  • TorrentClients: (new) rTorrent and Ktorrent clients, (new) add remove-torrent functionality to all client Interfaces, (fix) Deluge auto-stop and downloaded bugs, (fix) qBittorrent auto-stop bug, (fix) renamed qBittorrent client to qBittorrent (pre 3.2) for clarity, (new) add series custom download path option for torrentClients that support it
  • SearchEngines: (fix) remove Strike, KAT and torrentz as they are gone, (new) add 1337x, Idope, IsoHunt, KATcr, LimeTorrents, SkyTorrents, TorrentDownloads, TorrentZ2, and Zooqle, (fix) bug in RarBG causing non-found results after 15 minutes, (fix) drop find random KAT mirror feature as rockaproxy is gone, (new) add 2160p search quality
  • Favorites: (new) sort menu for name, added, first aired and not-watched count, (new) series poster context-menu for mark-all-watched, show/hide from calendar, and remove series
  • Series Sidepanel: (new) option to make the episodes-button jump to the first not-watched season, (fix) mark-all-watched did not sync to Trakt.TV, (new) confirm mark-all-watched dialog
  • Season Sidepanel: (fix) jump to active season ignores specials unless there is no other seasons, (fix) mark-all-watched did not sync to Trakt.TV, (new) confirm mark-all-watched dialog
  • Episode Sidepanel: (fix) overview text not height limited bug
  • Calendar: (fix) events multi-episodes badge incorrectly counted hidden specials bug, (new) Series option to ignore global Hide Specials from calendar, (new) events single click to mark episode as watched, (new) Highlight season premiers with gold star
  • Top10: (fix) invalid data handling bug
  • Subtitles: (fix) net::err_empty_response handling bug
  • Language: (fix) Russian translations by galeksandrp, updated italian translations by lamaresh, updated Dutch translations
  • TraktTV: (new) Option to change the frequency of the Episode updates.
  • TorrentDialog: (new) Option to sort the Seeders, Leechers and Size column, (new) Option to search using all the Search Engines at once, (add) Option to enable Sort menu to sort by Age.
  • Backup: (new) A Backup can now be automatically scheduled. Choose between Never,Daily,Weekly or the default Monthly.
  • Misc bug fixes

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