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Version history for SmartFTP

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Changes for v4.0.1052.0 - v4.0 Build 1057

  • Browser: New details pane
  • Browser: Progress indicator
  • Transfer Queue: New scripting feature for item
  • Transfer Queue: Major refactoring
  • Multi Upload: Load and save
  • FTP: Support for GXS Enterprise server
  • FTP: Support for VMS / Unix hybrid servers

Changes for v4.0.1049.0 - v4.0.1052.0

  • Favorite: Added option to export public key in OpenSSH format
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Upload->Select Files... caused a crash

Changes for v4.0.1048.0 - v4.0.1049.0

  • Major Changes
  • Local Browser enhancements on Windows Vista and higher
  • Minor Changes
  • Local Browser: Dynamic command toolbar
  • Local Browser: New header and detail pane
  • FTP: Improved server code page detection
  • Bug Fixes
  • FTP: Fixed transfer limit implementation
  • Many other fixes and improvements. Please see the detailed log.

Changes for v3.0 Build 1036 - v4.0.1048.0

  • Major Changes
  • Windows 7 enhancements
  • Minor Changes
  • Remote Browser: Added support for drag&drop from virtual zip folders
  • Favorites: Added import of PuTTY sites
  • Browsers: Added shared MRU (Most Recent Used) for search
  • Language addons are automatically offered when available
  • Local Browser: Windows 7: Support for Favorites folder
  • Bug Fixes
  • Many other fixes and improvements. Please see the detailed log.

Changes for v3.0 Build 1032 - v3.0 Build 1036

  • Major Changes
  • Improved performance of bulk operations
  • Windows 7 support
  • Minor Changes
  • Remote Browser: Recursive CHMOD can be applied to files or folders only
  • Transfer Queue: Added item group notification
  • Transfer Queue: Added "One Way with Delete" synchronization for monitored folders
  • Bug Fixes
  • Favorites Browser: Various fixes
  • Many other fixes and improvements. Please see the detailed log.

Changes for v3.0 Build 1027.0 - v3.0 Build 1032

  • Major Changes
  • New Multilingual User Interface
  • SSH: Support for X.509 client and host certificates
  • SSH: Support for Kerberos (GSSAPI and Microsoft Windows)
  • Minor Changes
  • Improved task dialogs
  • Office 2007 White and Scenic (Windows 7) themes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Many other fixes and improvements. Please see the detailed log.

Changes for v3.0 Build 1026 - v3.0 Build 1027.0

  • Fix: Transfer Queue: Under some special circumstances the transfer queue failed to start
  • Added FIPS 140-2 option. menu: Tools->Settings then Connection dialog

Changes for v3.0 Build 1024 - v3.0 Build 1026

  • Major Changes
  • Bulk Rename Tool
  • Rewrote Favorites Browser
  • Performance Improvements
  • Search in Local Browser for Windows Vista and higher
  • Minor Changes
  • Support for very long local paths
  • Bug Fixes
  • Many other fixes and improvements. Please see the detailed log.

Changes for v3.0 Build 1023 - v3.0 Build 1024

  • Major Changes
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • SFTP and SSH Improvements
  • Minor Changes
  • Visual Compare: Added selection feature
  • Improvements in transfer performance
  • Bug Fixes
  • Local Browser: Thumbnail view
  • Many other fixes and improvements. Please see the detailed log.

Changes for v3.0 Build 1022 - v3.0 Build 1023

  • Major Changes
  • Transfer Queue Enhancements
  • Minor Changes
  • SFTP: Added option to prompt for private key passphrase
  • SFTP: Added support for delayed compression
  • FTP: Automatic timezone detection
  • Bug Fixes
  • Remote Browser: Drag&Drop from network shares
  • Many other fixes and improvements. Please see the detailed log.

Changes for v3.0 Build 1021 - v3.0 Build 1022

  • Major Changes:
  • Multi Uploader
  • Minor Changes:
  • Favorites: Added import for FireFTP sites
  • Favorites: Added import for FileZilla 3 sites
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Transfer Queue: Fix for Email notifications
  • Remote Browser: Improved thumbnail view on Windows XP

Changes for v3.0 Build 1020 - v3.0 Build 1021

  • Minor Changes
  • Added favorites in history to shell context menu
  • Transfer Queue: Added Process action to transfer queue item context menu
  • Transfer Queue: Added more monitor options
  • Bug Fixes
  • Small fix for resume logic when transfers were manually aborted
  • Drag and Drop from Windows Search results to Remote Browser

Changes for v3.0 Build 1019 - v3.0 Build 1020

  • Minor Changes
  • Added more on transfer queue complete events
  • Bug Fixes
  • Significantly reduced idle cpu usage
  • Drag and Drop problem on Windows Vista

Changes for v3.0 Build 1018.1 - v3.0 Build 1019

  • Remote Browser: Visual Compare: Precision of time comparison depends on server now.
  • Auto Rename feature works for folders now

Changes for v3.0 Build 1017 - v3.0 Build 1018.1

  • Remote Browser: Set file time of files/folders (aka Touch) through the Properties dialog.
  • Remote Browser: Visual compare. For more details go to Visual Compare
  • FTP: Changed the behavior how STAT replies are handled
  • Remote Browser: Visual Compare: The last modified time of folders is ignored.
  • Fix: SFTP: Bug with upgrade of protocol version.

Changes for v3.0 Build 1016.3 - v3.0 Build 1017

  • Minor Changes
  • Improved performance for delete and move operations
  • Open and View operations can directly be handled in the Remote Browser.
  • Added Drag&Drop support from zip/rar folders to the server.
  • New Source Preview Handler addon which can display a preview of source files (php, aspx, cpp, etc).
  • Bug Fixes
  • Numerous bug fixes and other enhancements.

Changes for v3.0.1014 - v3.0 Build 1016.3

  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Mult item multi-part setting change did not work correctly.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Various fixes introduced in .2.
  • New: Transfer Queue: Email: On Transfer Queue Item Failure event.
  • New: Transfer Queue: Added support for resume when switching from single part transfers to multi part transfers.
  • New: Remote Browser: Added advanced search.
  • Fixed: SearchFolderClass folder should now longer appear on the desktop.
  • Fixed: Broken key accelerators in Transfer Queue List control.
  • Transfer Queue: Completed internal code refactoring.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Ctrl+R accelerator
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Ctrl+A accelerator
  • New: Remote Browser: Fully integrated search
  • SFTP: Added Code Page selection in the favorite settings
  • SFTP: If the client detects a non UTF8 encoded string it will switch to "compatibility" mode to support UTF8 unfriendly SSH servers (e.g. OpenSSH).
  • SFTP: Added Protocol Version selection in the favorite settings
  • SFTP: Default Protocol Version is 6 now

Changes for v3.0.1013 - v3.0.1014

  • Major Changes
  • File Encryption. Encrypt files with AES and use your server as an encrypted drive.
  • Multi Part Downloads
  • Bug Fixes
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

Changes for v3.0.1012 - v3.0.1013

  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Initial folder is not automatically expanded.
  • Fixed: Language files with non matching build number are no longer loaded.

Changes for v3.0.1011.4 - v3.0.1012

  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

Changes for v3.0.1010.19 - v3.0.1011.4

  • Fixed various problems reported by early adapters.

Changes for v2.5.1008.44 - v3.0.1010.19

  • Major Changes
  • SFTP over SSH
  • Thumbnail View and Preview
  • Improved Usability by combining Direct/Queue transfer methods
  • Multi File Edit
  • Email Notifications
  • Minor Changes
  • Filter Bar in Remote Browser
  • Transfer Queue handles huge numbers of items more efficiently.
  • Scripting (SDK) to automate SmartFTP.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Many fixes. Please see the detailed change log for the complete list.

Changes for v2.5.1008.23 - v2.5.1008.44

  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Show Raw Listing did not work if the default viewer is set to notepad.exe
  • Fixed: Folders in "Browse for favorites folder" dialog were not selectable.
  • Fixed: Remote Edit settings no longer get lost
  • Fixed: Server to Server (FXP) transfer crash
  • Fixed: Backup Tool did not recognize the Person Favorites folder correctly.
  • Back ported Transfer Queue from v3
  • Fixed: Possible runtime exceptions on start.
  • Transfer Queue now immediately aborts local hash calculations.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue didn't write log files.
  • Transfer Queue: Errors during the integrity check were ignored. Now the item will no longer get removed if there is an error during this sequence.
  • Fixed: Possible unhandled exception on exit.
  • Transfer Queue: The transfer queue is automatically started by default.
  • Transfer Queue: A transfer queue with less than 100 items is now automatically saved if the computer is restarted/shutdown or the user logs off. Previously this was not the case because Windows only allows 5 seconds for each application to cleanup and save its data.
  • Transfer Queue: Auto Save (10 minutes interval) is now enabled by default for new installations. To manually configure it go to Settings->Queue.
  • Remote Browser: Added sort by "Permissions"
  • Remote Browser: Edit operation now handled by the Transfer Queue if the default drag&drop operation is set to "Transfer Queue". This allows multiple concurrent Edit operations.
  • Transfer Queue: Refactored connection/transfer/protocol classes.
  • Local Browser: Fixed bug with new folder in tree control.
  • Browsers: Added Ctrl+I and Ctrl+J key shortcuts. These shortcuts work when tabbed mode is enabled (default) and exactly two work spaces exist which are separated by a "middle" toolbar. Ctrl+I copies (uploads if the destination windows is a Remote Browser) the selected items to the other window. Ctrl+J moves the selected items.
  • It's possible to download hidden files when using the RETR command from the command line (menu: View->Panes->Command Line)
  • Enabled support for proftpd's updated SITE UTIME command.
  • Transfer Queue Items use raw log now. This should reduce the memory usage.

Changes for v2.5.1008.3 - v2.5.1008.23

  • Added support for SITE UTIME (PureFTPd's version)
  • Automatic detection for working "set file time" command.
  • Changed linker settings. Set different base address for each dll, enabled DEP, enabled ASLR.
  • Fixed: COM registration with 64-bit setup.
  • Fixed: Delete of favorite didn't work in the Favorites main menu.
  • Fixed: Date/Time of files with local time did not display correctly in the file properties dialog
  • Fixed: Custom Commands "Encountered an improper argument" error
  • Fixed: Paste in Favorite's root folder
  • Fixed: Windows Vista: Drag&Drop from Explorer to Local Browser was broken
  • Fixed: Serious bugs due to changed (undocumented) behavior in Visual Studio 2008's ATL code.
  • Resolved symbolic links now show link overlay
  • New setting for "Automatic Resolve Links" in the favorite settings: FTP->Transfer dialog.
  • Fixed: Drop Folder was broken.
  • The upload/download buttons in the middle toolbar are no longer active if a file is renamed.
  • Fixed: Secure connection wasn't aborted if the user clicked on No in the Verify Cert dialog.
  • New Remote Edit Info dialog with quick access to the settings
  • Fixed: Enter key in Favorites Browser
  • Windows Vista: Workaround for double click of image files in Local Browser
  • Build now compiled with Visual Studio 2008 RTM
  • Internal changes regarding free threaded marshalers
  • Somehow the manifest of the sfTransferQueue.dll file was incomplete. VS 2005 bug?
  • Removed MFC dependency from sfTransferQueue.dll
  • Fixed: Back/Forward key/mouse shortcuts were broken in Favorites browser
  • Fixed: Delete/Cut was not shown in the Favorites Browser context menu
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: New File was broken
  • Favorites Browser, Custom Commands and Preview Pane are now destroyed when being closed
  • Updated CodeJock XTP ToolkitPro (GUI Library). SmartFTP uses about 30% less GDI handles now.
  • Fixed: FXP transfers didn't work correctly
  • Fixed: Windows 2000: Duplicate View menu in Favorites Window.
  • Optimized enumeration in Favorites Window.
  • Fixed: Local Browser: Preview pane was locking the selected file.
  • Fixed: Favorite Browser issues
  • Fixed: Connect/Reconnect/Disconnect issues.
  • Various changes in the ShellView controls (Favorites Browser, Local Browser).
  • Changed "Recent" condition in File Exist rules. Added additional rule to the default queue file exist rules. These changes should help to make better resume/overwrite decisions.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: File time was displayed as UTC in File Properties dialog.
  • Fixed: Possible crash on start-up when restoring Local Browsers.
  • Fixed: Local Browser did not show an error message if the user had no permission to read a folder.
  • Fixed: It wasn't possible to edit files with unallowed characters. e.g ><.
  • New setup loader. Setup files are not copied into the "%ProgramFiles%\SmartFTP Client Setup" folder.
  • Fixed: Login information from Address Bar were not used.
  • Fixed: Client Cert option was disabled in Default Favorite
  • Favorites Shell Extension (sfFavoritesShellExtension.dll) loads language files now

Changes for v2.5.1008.0 Beta - v2.5.1008.3

  • Major Changes
  • Added Remote Edit settings to configure editors.
  • Added space calculation in Remote Browser.
  • Added preview pane in Local Browser.
  • Drop Folders
  • Added context menu in Windows Explorer / Local Browser to add files to the Transfer Queue
  • Minor Changes
  • Added Welcome page
  • Added "Keep Alive" option in Favorites Settings: FTP - Transfer.
  • Remote Browser: Symbolic links are automatically resolved now.
  • Many others. Please see the detailed change log for more.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Many fixes. Please see the detailed change log for the complete list.

Changes for v2.5.1007.2 Beta - v2.5.1008.0 Beta

  • Fixed some unspecified bugs in sfFTPLib.dll.
  • Added support for translations to Shell Tools (sfShellTools.dll) and to the Backup Tool (BackupTool.exe).
  • Separated Transfer Queue from main application
  • A lot of internal re-factoring
  • Reconnect is now possible in the "Waiting for retry" loop

Changes for v2.5.1007.0 Beta - v2.5.1007.2 Beta

  • Fixed sfShellTools.dll didn't make it into the previous setup

Changes for v2.5.1006.46 Beta - v2.5.1007.0 Beta

  • Text in Properties dialogs (Remote Browser and Transfer Queue) is now selectable
  • Updated FTP Library (sfFTPLib.dll)
  • Fixed bug with Context menu Shell Extension

Changes for v2.5.1006.12 - v2.5.1006.46 Beta

  • Added [ ] Always overwrite local file check box in Settings -> General -> Remote Edit
  • Fixed some bugs introduced in .45

Changes for v2.5.1006.7 - v2.5.1006.12

  • Fixed: Local Browser now forces a reorder if the content changes.

Changes for v2.5.1006.2 - v2.5.1006.4

  • Added "Limit Local Port Range" option to favorite settings

Changes for v2.5.1005.32 - v2.5.1006.2

  • Better initial positions for Favorites and Custom Commands windows
  • Favorites: Fixed big icons on Windows Vista

Changes for v2.5.1005.30 - v2.5.1005.32

  • Fixed: 64-bit Version: Drag&Drop to Explorer/Desktop
  • Fixed: Identd in Transfer Queue
  • Fixed: Sort in "Connections" pane

Changes for v2.5.1005.19 - v2.5.1005.26

  • Fixed: Settings: Anonymous password option didn't save
  • Added "Office 2007 Ribbon" theme. This theme is only slighty different from the "Office 2007" theme.
  • Fixed: Custom Commands: %ld variable
  • Fixed: Favorites: Drag&Drop from and to Windows Explorer
  • Fixed: Progress control in Connections had wrong colors on Windows 2000 and Windows XP with Classic theme
  • Fixed: Settings: History: Crash in "Clear All" function.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Max Worker Speed was in bytes instead of kilobytes.
  • Windows Vista: sfFavorites.dll is now registered as a shell extension
  • Updated UI library. Minor changes in Office 2007 theme.
  • Transfer Queue: Added grouping view

Changes for v2.5 Build 1005.18 - v2.5.1005.19

  • Transfer Queue: Toolbar is now customizable. Use the arrow button at the end of the toolbar.
  • Vista: Local Browser: Added more "View" options
  • Fixed: Connections pane didn't update anymore
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: On Queue Complete setting didn't save
  • Fixed: Possible buffer overflow in the FTP directory cache manager

Changes for v2.5 Build 1005.15 - v2.5 Build 1005.18

  • Fixed: Bug in Codejock which caused an access violation (crash on Windows Vista) if an accessibility client was active.
  • Transfer Queue: Local files which are monitored for changes will automatically overwrite the destination file regardless of the File Exist settings.
  • 64-bit Version: UPnP's NATEventManager interface is no longer obtained to avoid the start-up delay if UPnP is enabled
  • Vista: Favorites: The default favorite is no longer displayed in the "Favorites" window.

Changes for v2.5 Build 1005 - v2.5 Build 1005.15

  • Fixed: Favorites: Import of URL List did not set a name for the favorite
  • Fixed: Favorites: Import of CuteFTP sites (sm.dat) which have been previously updated (e.g. CuteFTP Pro 3.x to CuteFTP Pro 8.x) did not work.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: If Max Retry was set to 0 the Transfer Queue did never process the item. Now the item will be processed at least once.
  • Fixed: SmartFTP ignored the window show value (show, hide, minimize, maximize) passed to the application. Bug Report
  • Office 2007 Theme: Title bar and child frames now have Office 2007 style
  • Fixed: Buffer overflow if host name > 1024 bytes.
  • Transfer Queue: Lowered CPU usage if the global max workers were not reached due to a limitation in the favorite settings.
  • Workaround for Windows XP without any Service Packs installed.
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Monitor of Local File.
  • Fixed: Favorite Connection -> Proxy password didn't save.
  • Fixed: Integrity check for FXP transfers.
  • Setup: Changed default installation folder to %ProgramFiles\SmartFTP Client. Updates will install into the old %ProgramFiles\SmartFTP Client 2.0 folder.
  • Setup: Added patch number to product version
  • Setup: SmartFTP Client (64-bit) creates different shortcuts (start menu, desktop) than 32-bit version on Windows 64-bit now.
  • Fixed: Identd: Settings dialog was missing.
  • Fixed: Identd: "Enable only when connecting" option did only work for first connection
  • Vista: Some tweaks with Restart Manager
  • FTP Library: HP Unix listings with German month name März were not parsed.
  • Setup: 32-bit setup can now be installed on Windows 64-bit Editions.
  • Fixed: Fixed broken Office 2007 theme in .7.
  • Vista: Fixed SmartHook.dll registration in setup.
  • Vista: Added support for Restart Manager.
  • Updated GUI component
  • Fixed: File Open/Save dialogs in Backup Tool
  • Transfer Queue: Removed "Max Workers per Site" global setting. The setting was always read from the Favorite.
  • Transfer Queue: Fixed "Max Workers" setting which wasn't in sync with the GUI.
  • Fixed: Crash if SmartFTP was closed while the Transfer Queue was running.
  • Fixed: Enter Registration dialog. "Import from File" did not write license key file correctly.
  • Updated splash
  • Fixed: Integrity check after transfer didn't work.
  • New "Vista Certified Logo" compliant MSI setups
  • All files are now signed with a Authenticode certificate issued by VeriSign
  • Removed proprietary crash handler (CrashRpt.dll). Using Microsoft's WER now.
  • SmartFTP received "Vista Works" logo

Changes for v2.5 Build 1004.18 - v2.5 Build 1005

  • Major Changes
  • Favorites: New Favorites system. Based on the file system and XML files.
  • Favorites: New "Default Favorite" which replaces the Transfer/Connection Global Settings.
  • SmartFTP no longer runs on Windows 9x/ME.
  • Minor Changes
  • Favorites: Multiple Favorites Locations/Folder. e.g. Use a shared favorites folder.
  • Favorites: Added import for CuteFTP Home/Pro up to the latest available version (8.0).
  • Favorites: Added import for IglooFTP Pro.
  • Remote Browser: Transfer: File/Folders are now sorted using a "natural order string" comparision.
  • Transfer Queue: Removed "Max Retry" from the Transfer Queue global settings. It uses the "Max Retry" option from the favorite item now.
  • Folder navigation links are now saved/restored.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Remote Browser: Source/Destination file mix up in File Exist Dialog.
  • Remote Browser: Bug with "Unknown" date/time in File Exist Dialog.
  • Remote Edit / Monitor File under Windows Vista.
  • Favorites: Statistics of favorite items.
  • Heap overflow in Log control. See

Changes for v2.5 Build 1004.17 - v2.5 Build 1004.18

  • Folder synchronization links are now saved/restored.

Changes for v2.5 Build 1004.12 - v2.5 Build 1004.17

  • Fixed: Some problems related to the new Favorites

Changes for v2.5 Build 1004.5 - v2.5 Build 1004.12

  • Fixed: A couple of problems discovered with AppViewer.
  • Rewrote shell notification class.
  • Fixed: Favorite didn't save if Port numer was > 32768
  • Setup: MSI 32-bit setup no longer throws an error on Windows x64.
  • Setup: SmartHook.dll registry entries are now created during the setup.
  • Setup: MSI: The installed files now have the correct "Last Modified Date".
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Statistic updates for Favorites
  • Settings: Added UPnP global setting to Connection dialog
  • Favorites: Added support for in-memory favorites if the favorites folder is read-only
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: File Monitor.
  • Fixed: Remote Browser: Remote Edit

Changes for v2.5 Build 1004 - v2.5 Build 1004.5

  • Fixed: Single Instance in terminal sessions
  • Fixed: Statistics Popup in 64-bit version.
  • Fixed: Various other bugs

Changes for v2.0.1002.0 - v2.5 Build 1004

  • Added dynamic timeout for server side hash calculation (XMD5, etc).
  • Favorites: New Favorites system. Based on the file system and XML files.
  • Favorites: New "Default Favorite Item" which replaces the Transfer/Connection Global Settings
  • Favorites: Multiple Favorites Locations/Folder. e.g. Use a shared favorites folder.
  • Favorites: Added import for CuteFTP Home/Pro up to the latest available version (8.0).
  • Favorites: Added import for IglooFTP Pro.
  • Global Settings: All favorite item related settings are moved into the "Default Favorite".
  • Transfer Queue: Removed "Max Retry" from the Transfer Queue global settings. It uses the "Max Retry" option from the favorite item now.
  • Transfer: File/Folders are now sorted using a "natural order string" comparision.
  • Fixed: Bug with "Unknown" date/time in File Exist Dialog
  • Fixed: Source/Destination file mix up in File Exist Dialog
  • Fixed: Favorite Statistics
  • Fixed: Remote Edit / Monitor File under Windows Vista
  • Fixed: Heap overflow in Log control. See
  • Fixed: Transfer Queue: Timer options (Auto Start, Auto Stop) were showed as disabled in the dialog even though they were enabled.
  • Remote Browser: On Windows XP list control now uses "natural order string" comparison.
  • SmartFTP no longer runs on Windows 98/ME.

Changes for v2.0.1001.25 - v2.0.1002.0

  • Transfer Queue: Fixed FXP of directories.

Changes for v2.0.1001.18 - v2.0.1001.25

  • Transfer Queue: Added import of legacy transfer queue files (.que, .dat) and metalink files (.metalink).
  • Enabled move operation for Drag&Drop to Local Browser / Windows Explorer / Desktop.
  • Transfer Queue: Added import of URL lists (Text file with 1 URL per line). Use the Add button in the "Transfer Queue" pane.

Changes for v2.0.1001.11 - v2.0.1001.18

  • Transfer Queue: Fixed a bug when monitoring more than 1 file in a folder
  • Cut/Paste from Local Browser to Remote Browser with default Drag&Drop operation set to Queue will result in a move operation
  • Fixed various bugs introduced in previous beta versions
  • The local file time is set for aborted/failed downloads

Changes for v2.0.1001.9 - v2.0.1001.11

  • Fixed a bug with the Filters
  • Major internal refactoring

Changes for v2.0.1001.8 - v2.0.1001.9

  • Fixed a crash introduced in 2.0.1001.5

Changes for v2.0.1001.5 - v2.0.1001.8

Changes for v2.0.1001.4 - v2.0.1001.5

  • Fixed: Some problems with the latest GUI update
  • Internal unspecified changes
  • Added support for AS/400 with LISTFMT set to 1 (unix)

Changes for v2.0.1001.1 - v2.0.1001.4

  • Transfer Queue: Added recurrence for start/stop timers

Changes for v2.0.1001.0 - v2.0.1001.1

  • Updated GUI library. New MDI tab navigation (Ctrl+Tab)

Changes for v2.0.1000.11 - v2.0.1001.0

  • Moved history entries from History.dat to registry

Changes for v2.0.1000.9 - v2.0.1000.11

  • Transfer Queue: Using faster event handlers with less overhead for queue items. This may partly fix the memory leaks from OLE.

Changes for v2.0.1000.8 - v2.0.1000.9

  • Added case sensitive options to the Settings -> Transfer -> Filters
  • All filters (Selection Groups, Ascii Files, Compression and Transfer Filters) are case insensitive now

Changes for v2.0.1000.6 - v2.0.1000.8

  • Settings -> Transfer -> Filters now support two modes (Include or Exclude mode)

Changes for v2.0.1000.3 - v2.0.1000.6

  • Fixed: Layout of panes didn't save correctly on close
  • Added partial support for drag&drop move operation (Transfer Queue only)
  • Compilation with new VS 2005 SP1.
  • Some small changes to UPnP.

Changes for v2.0.1000.2 - v2.0.1000.3

  • Local Browser: Using new Shell Tree Control under Windows Vista.

Changes for v2.0.1000.1 - v2.0.1000.2

  • Fixed: Local Browser crash on Windows Vista.

Changes for v2.0.1000.0 - v2.0.1000.1

  • Fixed Enter key in Remote Browser.

Changes for v2.0.999.24 - v2.0.1000.0

  • Minor Changes
  • Added support to import FTP Voyager exported FTP sites.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where SmartFTP would stop working after the 10. November 2006

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