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Video encoding for free - 5 programs compared (04 Dec 2009)

Secret ACTA Internet chapter leaked: Global DMCA and 'three strikes' (05 Nov 2009)

Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi facing antitrust probe in U.S. (27 Oct 2009)

Toshiba applies to join Blu-ray Disc Association (10 Aug 2009)

Review: TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 (30 Jul 2009)

BDA dismisses Harris report about HD DVD ownership (26 Jun 2009)

Consumers still not sold on Blu-ray (25 Jun 2009)

First CBHD players released in China (24 Apr 2009)

Warner Bros. starts HD DVD trade-in program (22 Apr 2009)

Warner Bros. confirms support of CBHD format in China (04 Mar 2009)

Last chance to buy AnyDVD or CloneDVD with free updates (02 Dec 2008)

Netflix discontinues HD DVD rentals (15 Nov 2008)

Blu-ray external drive coming very soon for Xbox 360? (09 Oct 2008)

'Better than Blu' HD format coming from Sim2 (14 Sep 2008)

Samsung questions longevity of Blu-ray format (05 Sep 2008)

Panasonic bringing Blu-ray burners to European markets (30 Aug 2008)

Pioneer releases $2200 USD Blu-ray player (25 Aug 2008)

Update: Paramount rebate will include HD DVD (24 Aug 2008)

Amazon starts big Blu-ray promotion (19 Aug 2008)

Toshiba debuts "near-HD" XDE players (18 Aug 2008)

Blu-ray sales are impressive for 2008 (18 Aug 2008)

Ritek ramps up BD-R production (14 Aug 2008)

Hitachi introduces smaller Blu-ray camcorder (11 Aug 2008)

New NEC chip will cut Blu-ray player costs (06 Aug 2008)

Pioneer develops 500GB Blu-ray compatible disc (06 Aug 2008)

PS3 is only 'bright spot' for Blu-ray, says report (05 Aug 2008)

Blu-ray to outsell DVD by 2011, says Sony Pictures (02 Aug 2008)

CH-DVD finally goes into production (28 Jul 2008)

'Speed Racer' Blu-ray to include digital copy and videogame (16 Jul 2008)

Amazon starts new B2G1 promotion on Blu-ray discs (16 Jul 2008)

Sony's Glasgow speaks out about Blu-ray, IPTV (13 Jul 2008)

SlySoft starts July discount on all products (07 Jul 2008)

Onkyo bringing Blu-ray player to market (05 Jul 2008)

Will DVD be inheriting HD DVD's web features? (03 Jul 2008)

HD DVD coming back from the dead in China? (03 Jul 2008)

Weinstein Co. finally goes Blu-ray (25 Jun 2008)

EMA report shows games, not Blu-ray with most impressive gain in '07 (24 Jun 2008)

NEC has 8x Blu-ray recorder in the works (20 Jun 2008)

Blue Underground unveils Blu-ray roadmap (05 Jun 2008)

US HDTV owners don't want Blu-ray (03 Jun 2008)

Toshiba set to launch "Blu-ray killer" DVD technology (30 May 2008)

BDA grants licenses to Chinese manufacturers (30 May 2008)

Sony's Stringer talks out about PS3 profitability and Blu-ray (29 May 2008)

Panasonic to deliver cheaper, slimmer BD-Live enabled Blu-ray players (22 May 2008)

New DivX H.264 decoder in private beta test (19 May 2008)

Wal-Mart carrying $298 Blu-ray players? (13 May 2008)

Criterion begins its Blu-ray support (12 May 2008)

Paramount to re-issue old Blu-ray titles (01 May 2008)

Universal unveils audio plans for Blu-ray (01 May 2008)

Blu-ray player sales are falling (30 Apr 2008)

Paramount maps Blu-ray roadmap (30 Apr 2008)

Universal shows off Blu-ray roadmap (17 Apr 2008)

Human factor introduced in HD video benchmarking (17 Apr 2008)

Shuttle introduces new HTPC with Blu-ray/HD DVD hybrid drive (12 Apr 2008)

Blockbuster will expand Blu-ray rentals and sales (12 Apr 2008)

AnyDVD HD to support "proactive renewal" of AACS (11 Apr 2008)

Xbox 360 HD DVD addon gets an update (10 Apr 2008)

Amazon offers credit to HD DVD player owners (09 Apr 2008)

Microsoft has faith in digital distribution for Xbox 360 (08 Apr 2008)

WhyBuyGames to add Blu-ray stock (07 Apr 2008)

US has most Blu-ray awareness (03 Apr 2008)

Update: Microsoft again denies Blu-ray rumors (02 Apr 2008)

Dell releases sub-$900 USD Blu-ray notebook (28 Mar 2008)

HD DVD is officially, officially, dead (28 Mar 2008)

Best Buy completely drops all HD DVD stock (28 Mar 2008)

BCI drops HD DVD (27 Mar 2008)

Blu-ray discs sold hit 9 million milestone (27 Mar 2008)

Buffalo introduces dual format HD drive (26 Mar 2008)

THX chief says war victory came too late for Blu-ray (25 Mar 2008)

Plextor introduces dual format HD drives (25 Mar 2008)

Toast 9 Titanium adds Blu-ray support (23 Mar 2008)

SlySoft offers 20 percent discount on new products (21 Mar 2008)

Best Buy starts $10 million USD HD DVD refund program (19 Mar 2008)

New AnyDVD HD release from SlySoft targets BD+ (19 Mar 2008)

Toshiba: HD DVD cost us $656 million (19 Mar 2008)

Fox to cut prices on Blu-ray catalog (13 Mar 2008)

HD DVD cost Toshiba a billion (13 Mar 2008)

FutureShop to offer HD DVD "amnesty" deal (08 Mar 2008)

Sony and Microsoft in talks for Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive (07 Mar 2008)

Image Entertainment drops HD DVD (07 Mar 2008)

Circuit City extends HD DVD return time (06 Mar 2008)

Samsung cancels upcoming hybrid HD player (06 Mar 2008)

Large horror film distributor joins Blu-ray (05 Mar 2008)

GDMX ramps up Blu-ray Disc production (05 Mar 2008)

Dirt cheap HD DVDs - movies from $9.98 (05 Mar 2008)

Toshiba CEO talks out about HD DVD's fate (04 Mar 2008)

Is VMD serious comptetition for Blu-ray? (03 Mar 2008)

An HD DVD title tops HD sales for the week (02 Mar 2008)

Update: Dreamworks drops HD DVD, but wont make Blu-ray for now (02 Mar 2008)

Dreamworks "stuck" with Toshiba, HD DVD (27 Feb 2008)

Sony set to introduce Profile 2.0 Blu-ray players (26 Feb 2008)

Microsoft finally pulls plug on HD DVD add-on (24 Feb 2008)

Onkyo drops support of HD DVD as well (23 Feb 2008)

LG staying format neutral for the time being (22 Feb 2008)

Paramount becomes final studio to move to Blu-ray (22 Feb 2008)

Sony paid Warner Bros. $400 million USD to go Blu-ray exclusive (22 Feb 2008)

Toshiba confirms dropping of HD DVD (19 Feb 2008)

Microsoft and Paramount team up for digital downloads (18 Feb 2008)

Toshiba denies it is dropping HD DVD (18 Feb 2008)

Anonymous Toshiba source confirms HD DVD's demise (17 Feb 2008)

Next-gen format war is officially over (16 Feb 2008)

Plextor offers 4X BD-R, HD DVD-ROM SATA drive (16 Feb 2008)

Disney Blu-ray titles have $10 USD rebate (15 Feb 2008)

Game over HD DVD (15 Feb 2008)

Toshiba dropping HD DVD? (15 Feb 2008)

Site Updates: Weekly glossary updates (15 Feb 2008)

Michael Bay speaks out about Blu-ray, again (14 Feb 2008)

HD DVD talks out about Netflix and Best Buy (13 Feb 2008)

Best Buy publicly snuffs HD-DVD (12 Feb 2008)

HD DVD sales rebound but still trail Blu-ray (12 Feb 2008)

Samsung gets sued over Blu-ray incompatibility issues (11 Feb 2008)

Site updates: More glossary updates finished (07 Feb 2008)

Microsoft drops price of Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on (06 Feb 2008)

Circuit City is not dropping HD DVD (03 Feb 2008)

Amazon slashes HD DVD movie prices (03 Feb 2008)

National Geographic Presents goes Blu-ray exclusive (02 Feb 2008)

Sonic drops HD DVD authoring product (30 Jan 2008)

HD DVD player sales bounce back (30 Jan 2008)

Toshiba takes HD DVD message to the big game (29 Jan 2008)

Woolworths officially drops HD DVD (29 Jan 2008)

HD-DVD hardware sales plummet (25 Jan 2008)

Low end ATI cards add HD DVD, Blu-ray playback (23 Jan 2008)

Universal: HD DVD is here to stay (23 Jan 2008)

Blu-ray players sell almost 13:1 against HD DVD (23 Jan 2008)

Thousands of fans sign a "save HD DVD" petition (21 Jan 2008)

HD DVD players get price cut in the UK (19 Jan 2008)

Toshiba orders HD DVD-RW from RITEK (16 Jan 2008)

Toshiba slashes HD DVD player prices (14 Jan 2008)

New sale on Blu-ray and HD DVD (13 Jan 2008)

Seagate CEO says Blu-ray or HD DVD victory not important (13 Jan 2008)

RITEK shows disc with BD-R and HD DVD-R on either side (13 Jan 2008)

Update: Universal is staying with HD DVD (10 Jan 2008)

Maxell offers lens cleaner for HD DVD & Blu-ray (10 Jan 2008)

Paramount denies its dropping HD DVD (09 Jan 2008)

CES 2008: HD DVD standalones hit 1 million mark (08 Jan 2008)

CES 2008: Warner did not violate HD DVD contract (08 Jan 2008)

Paramount to drop HD DVD? (08 Jan 2008)

CES 2008: Toshiba introduces first ever HD DVD-R/RW notebook (07 Jan 2008)

Retailers not impressed with 2007 HD DVD or Blu-ray numbers (07 Jan 2008)

HD DVD cancels CES conference (05 Jan 2008)

The future of Blu-ray and HD DVD still not decided (05 Jan 2008)

Xbox 360 with internal HD DVD rumors flare again (01 Jan 2008)

Venturer HD DVD player goes on sale in UK (29 Dec 2007)

Amazon reports strong sales of HD DVD and Blu-ray standalones (27 Dec 2007)

Another BOGO deal on HD DVD titles (26 Dec 2007)

Best Buy offers year end HD DVD sale (23 Dec 2007)

HD DVD Bourne and Harry Potter outpacing Blu-ray counterparts (22 Dec 2007)

New releases on HD DVD gaining momentum (21 Dec 2007)

Toshiba to produce laptop with recordable HD DVD drive (17 Dec 2007)

Best Buy offering BOGO on HD DVD and Blu-ray titles (16 Dec 2007)

UK will see new Venturer HD DVD player with extras (15 Dec 2007)

Addonics offers Blu-ray/HD DVD optical drive solution (15 Dec 2007)

Xbox 360 HD DVD addon hits 270,000 sold (14 Dec 2007)

Microsoft to release HD DVD emulator software (13 Dec 2007)

Warner set to drop HD DVD? (09 Dec 2007)

Michael Bay talks out about HD DVD and Microsoft (05 Dec 2007)

Microsoft cuts price on HD DVD add-on again (05 Dec 2007)

Studios call web enabled HD DVD features a hit (04 Dec 2007)

Venturer HD DVD finally arrives (01 Dec 2007)

Medion offers Blu-ray / HD DVD home theater PC (29 Nov 2007)

HD DVD standalones hit 750,000 in North America (28 Nov 2007)

New Harry Potter HD DVD will feature inaugural "Community Screening" function (27 Nov 2007)

Europeans love Blu-ray over HD-DVD (27 Nov 2007)

Toshiba gives free HD DVDs with laptops in UK (26 Nov 2007)

Triple-layer HD DVD moves forward (22 Nov 2007)

Blu-ray group dismisses 'misleading' HD DVD statement (15 Nov 2007)

HD DVD group touts attach rate figures in Europe (13 Nov 2007)

HD DVD standalone sales hit new milestone (10 Nov 2007)

Toshiba sells over 90,000 HD DVD players over weekend (07 Nov 2007)

Microsoft defends HD DVD support (06 Nov 2007)

Microsoft to continue marketing HD DVD drive as a niche product (03 Nov 2007)

New Toshiba HD DVD player records to DVD+/R (03 Nov 2007)

Toshiba A3 HD DVD sees price fall to $199 USD (02 Nov 2007)

New chip decodes HD-DVD and Blu-Ray (02 Oct 2007)

Toshiba officially announces third-generation HD-DVD (06 Aug 2007)

HD-DVD gets a leg up with 300 (03 Aug 2007)

Toshiba releases HD-DVD recorder with built in HDD (12 Jun 2007)

HD-DVD camp responds to Blu-ray claims (26 Apr 2007)

Toshiba's second gen HD-DVD players get firmware update (12 Apr 2007)

Cracked WinDVD 8 HD-DVD and Blu-Ray keys removed (11 Apr 2007)

HD-DVD v Blu-Ray sales update (09 Apr 2007)

Update for HD-DVD v Blu-Ray war (02 Apr 2007)

DVDFab HD Decrypter supports both HD-DVD and Blu-ray (31 Mar 2007)

HD-DVD price drop confirmed by Toshiba (29 Mar 2007)

Toshiba announces HD-DVD integration to Satellite (19 Mar 2007)

Toshiba cuts prices of HD-DVD player (08 Jan 2007)

Toshiba uncovers first HD-DVD drive for the PC (05 Jan 2007)

Toshiba officially launches HD-DVD in Europe (19 Dec 2006)

HP announces its first HD-DVD drive for the PC (27 Nov 2006)

Toshiba will hold back launch of UK HD-DVD (15 Nov 2006)

November launch for Toshiba HD-DVD (05 Sep 2006)

Acer readies its 20.1 inch HD-DVD laptop (02 Aug 2006)

Toshiba delays HD-DVD recorder (13 Jul 2006)

No internal HD-DVD for Xbox 360 (03 Jul 2006)

Toshiba launches its HD-DVD recorder July 14th (22 Jun 2006)

Microsoft planning on sub $250 HD-DVD add-on (17 May 2006)

Hewlett-Packard backs HD-DVD format (19 Dec 2005)

Microsoft downplays possibility of HD-DVD equipped Xbox 360 (15 Dec 2005)

HD-DVD launch may be delayed again (15 Dec 2005)

Audio watermarking to HD-DVDs (03 Nov 2005)

HD-DVD might not use region codes? (09 Oct 2005)

Toshiba confirms HD-DVD delay in U.S. (01 Oct 2005)

No HD-DVD players until 2006? (01 Sep 2005)

Unified standard abandoned by Blu-Ray and HD-DVD camps (23 Aug 2005)

Verbatim announces plans for HD-DVD and Blu-ray (28 Jul 2005)

Survey shows consumers prefer Blu-Ray Disc over HD-DVD (14 Jul 2005)

Microsoft still looking at HD-DVD support for Xbox360 (29 Jun 2005)

Blu-ray and HD-DVD - to be together or not to be? (20 Jun 2005)

Write-Once HD-DVD discs in 2006 (10 Jun 2005)

More companies join Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD peace conference (23 Apr 2005)

Taiwan pushing for HD-DVD format (15 Apr 2005)

Blu-ray step ahead of HD-DVD (23 Mar 2005)

Blu-ray and HD-DVD shown at the CES (11 Jan 2005)

A single sided, but dual layered DVD/HD-DVD hybrid (08 Dec 2004)

Major movie studios back HD-DVD format (29 Nov 2004)

DVD Forum green lights three-layer 51Gb HD-DVD (16 Nov 2004)

HD-DVD to get support from studios (31 Oct 2004)

HD-DVD for Xbox 2? (05 Oct 2004)

Sanyo does HD-DVD (31 Aug 2004)

Media companies team to create HD-DVD content protection (14 Jul 2004)

Amazon and Microsoft team to bring Indie to HD-DVD (03 Jul 2004)

Steve Jobs sceptical regarding HD-DVD (16 Jun 2004)


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  • HD DVD
    HD DVD is the "next generation DVD" and has been standardized by the DVD Forum as its official "next generation" format. Originally, the first "next gen format" to gain wide industry support ...
  • HD DVD Promotion Group
    The HD DVD Promotion Group is a group that advocates for the HD DVD format. In 2003, the DVD Forum selected HD DVD to be the next generation of DVD technology to store higher capacities of data ...
  • HD DVD-R
    HD DVD-R is a recordable version of the HD DVD optical disc format. Like DVD-R, HD DVD-R is a write-once media and so written data cannot be erased from the disc. HD DVD-R comes in two variants; ...
    HD DVD-RAM is like an evolution of DVD-RAM, soon to be offered up by the HD DVD Group. Since HD DVD is more like the successful DVD format than Blu-ray, the progression of the DVD-RAM format ...


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