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Apple poaches LG OLED expert? (10 Feb 2013)

Japan to be first with 4K TV broadcast starting in 2014 (27 Jan 2013)

13,000 UK households still using black and white TVs (13 Jan 2013)

Netflix adds 3D, for some ISPs (09 Jan 2013)

LG 55-inch OLED TV priced and dated for U.S. (08 Jan 2013)

New Samsung Smart TV to have 'unprecedented' new shape and design (01 Jan 2013)

Samsung's 'Smart Hub' getting revamped for 2013 (27 Dec 2012)

Rumor: Apple testing their HDTV but with no time table for release (20 Dec 2012)

WSJ: Apple a step closer to launching HDTV (13 Dec 2012)

Is the Apple HDTV 'imminent'? (15 Nov 2012)

CES: Samsung to show off 85-inch Ultra HD TV (15 Nov 2012)

First Ultra HD TV now available in U.S. for $17k (26 Oct 2012)

4K resolution to now be called 'Ultra High Definition' (22 Oct 2012)

LG, Samsung delaying release of 55-inch OLED TVs (18 Oct 2012)

LG launching 4K 84-inch TV next month (09 Sep 2012)

Analyst: Apple HDTV not coming anytime soon (27 Aug 2012)

Thief steals 42-inch TV, between her legs (16 Aug 2012)

Apple HDTV to be U.S.-only? (22 Jul 2012)

Samsung, LG employees charged with stealing OLED tech (18 Jul 2012)

Sony and Panasonic to announce OLED partnership (24 Jun 2012)

Sharp intros 90-inch HDTV (20 Jun 2012)

Report: Foxconn has orders to begin producing Apple television (29 May 2012)

Sony and Samsung set price floors on TVs (24 May 2012)

LG announces premium content for 3D TVs (21 Apr 2012)

More pics of the Ikea Uppleva emerge (19 Apr 2012)

IKEA get into the web-connected TV business (17 Apr 2012)

NPD: Cable bill to average $200 per month, soon (12 Apr 2012)

Apple television to be called 'iPanel'? (05 Apr 2012)

LG's 55-inch OLED TVs coming next month (02 Apr 2012)

Cable operators say 'no' to a Netflix channel (12 Mar 2012)

Report: Most Internet-enabled TVs remain unconnected (23 Feb 2012)

UK broadcaster tells Apple that 'iTV' is taken so find a new name (14 Feb 2012)

Samsung expects to sell 25 million 'smart' TVs this year (10 Feb 2012)

Logitech: We are out of Revue units (26 Jan 2012)

LG, Google in talks for new Google 'Nexus' TV (15 Jan 2012)

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List of related software items. Each software item listed here can be downloaded directly from our site using the links below.

  • h264info alpha 0026
    h264info allows editing of H.264 files' encoding and playback parameters without re-encoding the video file itself again. Things that can be edited include framerate, aspect ratio, pulldown info, used encoding profile/level and more.
  • TSConverter v2.5
    TSConverter is a program that can convert .ts files into the DVR-MS format which is used natively by Windows Media Center Edition -- or vice versa. TSConverter is also handy tool for demuxing / splitting .ts files into separate audio and video files.