Apple lets first iOS users to send cash to each other with Apple Pay Cash

Matti Vähäkainu
8 Nov 2017 11:31

Apple has released a new feature with its latest iOS version. The new feature is called Apple Pay Cash and can be found it the OS 11.2 beta 2.
As you might imagine from the name, Apple Pay Cash is a function that allows iOS users to send cash to each other. It was yet quite ready for a stable release but considering that beta users are now able to send cash to each other it should be available to all fairly shortly.

To transfer cash from one to another you just open up your iMessage app and add the cash essentially as a attachment to the message. If another iOS users sends you a message asking for a payment with a dollar amount your device also shows the Apple Pay Cash as a quick reply option.
There are, however, few limitations, TechCrunch notes. You need a iOS device with 11.2 or later to get the beta, and you'll need two-factor authentication on your Apple ID.

Any credit or debit card added to your Apple Pay will suffice but note that credit card transfers will have a fee that Apple hasn't quantified but calls "industy standard." With debit cards there is no fee.

Obviously as with most apps and features in the Apple ecosystem, this one as well is limited to iDevices only, so you won't be able to transfer cash between iOS and Android users.

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